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Advantage and feature of Venlo tempered glass greenhouse


The glass greenhouse is characterized by an extremely high light-transmitting rate, good heat preservation effect, beautiful appearance, simple construction, and stable structure, suitable for the plants of great demands for sunlight. And the glass multi-span greenhouse is specialized with 3 roofs of every span and every span with double slopes. The common type is the Venlo glass greenhouse, the commonly used span is 9.6m (3.2*3 steeples), 10.8m (3.6*steeple), 12m (4*3steeple), 4m high to 7m in wall height.

The Venlo tempered glass greenhouse with hydroponic growing system is made of galvanized steel materials, connected by galvanized and anti-rot bolts and screws, with no welded point. The top and the surrounding area of the greenhouse can be used for a rack and pinion motor drive ventilation equipment, water curtain fan cooling equipment, inner shade, and other facilities equipment to meet different customer needs. Besides, it can be used for exhibition, seed-breeding, flower or vegetable market or mall, ecological restaurant, teaching and scientific research, etc.

The frame of Venlo tempered glass greenhouse
Venlo tempered glass greenhouse with hydroponic growing system frame is made of the materials of galvanized steel, connected by screws, bolts, or suitable connectors. Door, gutters, etc. can be equipped and the roof can be pitched roof (supported by rectangular tubes) or arched roof (supported by circular tubes). The uprights of the greenhouse are made by rectangular tubes.

Advantage of Venlo tempered glass greenhouse
1. Its skeleton is made of hot-galvanizing steel, strong and durable, and beautiful overall.
2. The covering material is PC or glass. It has a good performance in the transmittance, sealing, insulation, and ornamental.
3. One span and many pinnacles, small ridges, many rain gutters, a large span.
4. Large light area, uniform illumination
5. Big inner space for operation, high utilization, good bandwagon effect.

Feature of Venlo tempered glass greenhouse

1. It can adjust the rapid change of the temperature,(ex: 5mm tempered glass, can stand for around 200-degree change)
2.Safely, when the glass is damaged by the external force, it will become beans size that will reduce the harm to humans.
3.Strength, it is around 5 times stronger than the common glass
4.Horizontal reinforcement, it is without any hanging holes

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