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Advantage of greenhouse heating system


At present, the domestic use of vegetables, flowers, breeding poultry animals used in greenhouse heating methods are generally ordinary coal stoves, firewalls and other traditional backward heating methods, this heating method of energy consumption, thermal efficiency is low, serious pollution of indoor and Most of the air in the sheds can not achieve the desired heating effect, leading to the threat of the majority of the breed and crop growth.

The greenhouse heating system is one of the first and oldest horticultural revolutions that took place. At the moment we are in the middle of the closed greenhouse revolution. For heating your produce or flowers in the greenhouse for crops like roses, chrysanthemum, carnation, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell pepper you have a choice, between a central heating system or a localized heating system or no heating at all.

Our greenhouse heating system, the ZVM medium is arranged in the medium tube and the medium tube in the heat exchange room. Therefore, the utility model saves energy, has high thermal efficiency and small environmental pollution.

Advantage of greenhouse heating system

1. Excellent insulation performance.
2. Light transmittance is moderate.
3. Greenhouse heating system good transmittance, low thermal conductivity.
4. Modern appearance, stable structure, beautiful and generous form, visual and smooth.
5. As the PC sheet lightweight, tensile strength, through a simple steel structure can meet the wind and snow requirements, and long life, beautiful appearance, to reduce duplication of construction and investment.
6. More gutter, large span, large displacement, strong wind resistance, suitable for large areas of wind and rainfall.

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