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Agricultural used air circulation blower exhaust fan for greenhouse

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
Customized logo (Min. Order: 5000 Units) >=1000 Units CN¥175.27
Port: Qingdao
Supply Ability: No accurate information
Payments: Visa,On line bank payment,Pat later
Type: Axial flow fan
Dimension: 300mm*400mm*400mm
Weight: customized
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Certification: SGS Certified
Applicable Industries: Greenhouse

Basic Info.

The modern greenhouse natural ventilation system must use circulating internal circulation fans to increase the air circulation speed in the intelligent greenhouse and improve the humidity uniformity of the air engine. It is conducive to the balanced distribution of temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 in the intelligent greenhouse, it is helpful to reduce droplets, and promote air circulation and crop growth. Agricultural used air circulation blower exhaust fan for greenhouse belongs to low energy consumption products, what is its specific structure? The motor power is 0.55kW, the air volume is 5300m3·h, the speed is 1450 r/min, the frequency is 50 Hz, the diameter is 420 mm, and the full voltage and static pressure are normal values.

Agricultural used air circulation blower exhaust fan for greenhouse has large air volume, good directivity, and long service life; stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption, and beautiful appearance.

Agricultural used air circulation blower exhaust fan for greenhouse requires a normal 380 V power supply to match, by the way, look at the composition of the power distribution system. The lighting distribution line is laid along the beam. There are 2 single-phase and 3 hole waterproof sockets and 1 three-phase socket between each intelligent greenhouse. The wiring should use PVC insulated copper core wires, indoor wires should use moisture-proof rvv plastic sleeve wires, and the signal wires should be rsvp shielded wires. All power wires, control wires, sensor signal wires, and other wires and electric power should be covered and covered. Use implicit laying method. According to national standards, steel wire grooved pipes are made of iron. The intelligent greenhouse is equipped with a leakage switch, which has certain protection for fire prevention and personal safety.

Features air circulation blower exhaust fan

Circulation fan adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving motor specially customized for the greenhouse environment. National standard, fully enclosed, safe and long-term operation in high temperature and humid environment.

The whole machine has undergone 360 ​​hours of destructive testing in the laboratory; the performance is excellent.

The fan blade is stamped and formed from a light aluminum plate; it has the characteristics of a large angle, large air volume, light specific gravity, low noise, anti-corrosion, etc. With special motors, it can achieve the effects of low energy consumption, large air volume, and long air supply distance. Compared with similar products at home and abroad, it can save energy consumption by more than 30%.

The outer shell adopts advanced integrated current collector design, which is made of 304 stainless steel material, matched with the punching and forming of CNC punching mold, and the appearance is bright, exquisite, and never rusty.

The front and rear safety net cover is adopted, which is beautiful and safe.

Suspension fasteners: Die stamping, made of stainless steel, beautiful exterior, safe use, freely adjustable angle, and more convenient installation.

Passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

High-tech energy-saving technology and thermal automatic protection system make the product life longer than 12 years, with the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency, and large air volume.

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