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Analysis of Influencing Factors on the Price of Commercial Agricultural Glass Greenhouse


Commercial agricultural glass greenhouses are one of the more established ones in the greenhouse industry. What everyone cares about most is the commercial agricultural glass greenhouse price. But the same type, glass greenhouses of the same material range from more than 300 to more than 400 at the time of quotation. Let’s briefly analyze several major factors that affect the cost of glass greenhouses.

Water curtain cooling system

Fans and water curtains should be installed at the end of the channels in the glass greenhouse. One is used to pump air to exchange air to form indoor negative pressure, and the other is used for cooling. The main cost depends on the number of both. In order to ensure the safety of indoor air pressure conditions, it is recommended to use high-quality fans.

External shading system

The main and basic configuration of the glass greenhouse is a shading system installed on the top and controlled by electricity. The support frame, the sunshade cable, the control rod, gears, clocks and so on together form the giant system of Chu Luo dense distribution. Among them, the fixed grille on the aluminum alloy drive side is expensive.

the main skeleton

The cross-shaped main frame is the core part of the glass greenhouse to bear the weight. A greenhouse constructed with a striped skeleton can support a considerable weight. The core design of this part is the production of accessories and the processing of materials. The difference in material selection has an impact on the overall configuration and price. When choosing an importer for glass greenhouse frame production, you should pay attention to whether the other party produces its own accessories. The frame area, length, width, and height difference make the price very different.



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