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Application field of soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation


Soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation refers to the cultivation of non-nutritive crops in natural soil. A method of cultivating nutrient solutions in liquid or fixing plants by using a substrate. Soilless culture replaces the soil environment, artificially creates a good root system environment, maximizes the needs of the root system underwater, fertilizer, and gas conditions, and maximizes the potential of crop production.

Soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation combined with the protected area facilities can cultivate cucumber, tomato, lettuce, strawberry, watermelon, melon, and other crops as new agricultural technology. Compared with traditional soil cultivation, it has the characteristics of saving fertilizer and water. Labor-saving, high-yield, high-quality, free from geographical restrictions, products are clean and hygienic, conducive to mechanization, automated management, etc.

Advantages of soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation

1. The factory production mode is now available, with high production.
2. It has the characteristics of economical and sustainable development.
3. Due to regional restrictions, production and cultivation can also be carried out in an environment without soil.
4. The column adapts to the growth of a variety of plants.

Application field of soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation

1. Used in the production of the off-season and high-end gardening products.
At present, most countries use soilless cultivation to produce clean, high-quality, high-end, fresh, and high-yield vegetable products, which are mostly used for off-season and long-season cultivation. For example, in the process of eastward and southward migration of thick-skinned melons in recent years, soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation technology has played a huge role. The use of special equipment and organic substrate cultivation technology provides an effective way for melon cultivation in the south. Cultivated in early spring and autumn and winter, the economic benefits are very considerable. Soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation can also be used on flowers. It is mostly used for cultivating cut flowers, herbs, and woody flowers used in potted plants. The flowers are large, bright in color, long flowering period, and strong fragrance, especially in homes, hotels, and other places. popular. Herbal medicinal plant cultivation and soilless cultivation of edible fungi are equally effective.

2. Crop production in deserts, deserted beaches, reef islands, and saline-alkali land.
Soilless cultivation can be used to produce vegetables and flowers on a large scale in barren land such as sandy beaches, saline-alkali land, deserts, reef islands, and the north and south poles that are not suitable for soil cultivation, which has good effects. In our country, it is directly related to homeland security and economic security and is of great significance.

3. Application in gardening.
Soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation technology as an effective way to solve soil continuous cropping obstacles in greenhouses and other horticultural protection facilities has been widely used in countries all over the world. With the rapid development of facility horticulture in my country today, it is of greater significance. my country has 900,000 hm2 of greenhouses and greenhouses, making it the country with the largest facility horticulture area in the world. However, as a result of long-term soil cultivation, continuous cropping obstacles have become increasingly serious, which directly affects the production efficiency and sustainable development of facility gardening. Various soilless cultivation forms suitable for national conditions have played an important role in solving the problem of continuous cropping obstacles in facility gardening. The sustainable development of horticulture provides a technical guarantee.

4. Application in the family.
Use soilless cultivation to grow flowers and vegetables on your own courtyard, balcony, and roof, which is not only entertaining, but also has a certain ornamental and edible value, is easy to operate, clean and hygienic, and can beautify the environment.

5. Applications in space agriculture.
With the development of the aerospace industry and the need for humans to move into space, using soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation in space to grow green plants to produce food can be said to be the most effective method. The research and application of soilless culture technology in space agriculture are playing an important role. For example, the Kennedy Space Center in the United States has done a lot of research and application work on the use of soilless culture to produce food for astronauts in space. For some food crops, the cultivation of vegetable crops has been successful and achieved good results.



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