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Application of DFT hydroponics growing system


DFT hydroponics growing system refers to deep-flow hydroponics. It consists of four parts: a planting tank, a planting plate or a planting basket, a liquid storage tank, and a circulating liquid supply system. The nutrient solution has a deep liquid layer, and the plants are suspended by the planting plate or planting basket. Above the nutrient level. And the root system extends from the planting plate or planting net basket into the nutrient solution for growth. Using DFT hydroponics technology for strawberry cultivation has the following advantages.

DFT hydroponics growing system is a soilless cultivation mode, so there are no problems such as continuous cropping and continuous cropping. Because it is hydroponics, there are no problems such as non-recyclable substrates and limited resources. In addition, the total amount of DFT hydroponic nutrient solution is large, and the composition and concentration are stable. Short-term water cuts or equipment failures have no effect on crop growth, and management is more convenient. The root system is partly exposed in the air and partly immersed in the nutrient solution layer, which can better solve the water-gas contradiction. The facility is easy to construct, durable, and the follow-up production material input is small. The nutrient utilization rate is high, up to 90% to 95%. DFT is generally more than 2 layers, which can significantly improve space utilization. It can reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases. In traditional hydroponics, although the surface is covered with mulch, the fruit is too close to the ground and is easily contaminated by bacteria and mud. DFT hydroponics can effectively solve this problem. DFT hydroponics can effectively shorten the growth period of strawberries. 4 to 5 leaves can be planted and harvested in about 70 days. It can be marketed in advance and increase profit.

Application of DFT hydroponics growing system

DFT hydroponics growing system is a hydroponic cultivation technique in which roots grow in a deeper nutrient solution. The nutrient solution in the plating tank is five to ten cm thick or even thicker. The roots of the crop are immersed in the nutrient solution, and the water pump is turned on intermittently to circulate the nutrient solution and supplement the oxygen content in the nutrient solution. DFT deep-liquid hydroponics can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, loofah, melon, watermelon, and Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, scallions, chives, and other fruits and vegetables.

Its biggest advantage is that it has a better buffering ability. The nutrient solution where the root system is located in deeper and the base number is larger. The nutrients, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, and moisture in the nutrient solution will not change significantly in a short time. In the event of sudden power failure or equipment failure, it has a certain ability to survive and provides a relatively stable growth condition for crops.

It is worth noting that the crop needs to be suspended above the nutrient solution. The rhizome part does not fight the nutrient solution, and the root system can get the nutrient solution because if all the rhizomes are soaked in the nutrient solution, the plant will quickly rot. Other nutrient solutions should be kept active or circulated regularly so that harmful substances can be removed, and the oxygen content of the nutrient solution can be increased, and the nutrient solution can be evened, which is more conducive to the absorption of the crop roots.

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