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Applications of thickness 20mm polycarbonate sheet


Thickness 20mm polycarbonate sheet is a durable plastic that maintains its toughness, dimensional stability, and excellent impact resistance in a wide range of temperatures. The most notable characteristics of polycarbonate sheets are its low weight, machinability, corrosion resistance, and typically good thermal and electrical insulating properties. Certain plastic grades also offer optical transparency similar to glass, low-friction or self-lubricating surfaces, and exceptional impact resistance.

Our polycarbonate sheet with polycarbonate as the main raw materials, using the most advanced production process, the surface distribution of high concentration UV co-extruded layer has the outstanding advantages of anti UV, light, light, easy installation, safe and reliable, low cost and high performance are one of the polycarbonate series plate most widely used in varieties.

Features of thickness 20mm polycarbonate sheet

1. Good transparency: PC board endurance plate light transmittance in 80%-90%, can bear features of glass.
2. Lightweight: The weight of a PC sheet is only half the weight of glass.
3. Impact Resistant: The impact strength of a PC sheet is 250 to 300 times that of glass.
4. UV Protection: A PC sheet is coated with anti-UV coating on one side, the other side has anti-condensation
treatment, set anti-UV, heat insulation, anti-dew function in a suit.
5. Thermal insulation: A PC sheet itself doesn’t spontaneously ignite and has self-extinguishing.
6. Wind and rain Resistance: A PC sheet is resistant to bad weather and will not cause deformation and other quality changes.
7. Easy installation: Thickness 20mm polycarbonate sheet can be bent while hot or cold and can be used on curved roofs, domes, and windows.

Applications of thickness 20mm polycarbonate sheet

1. A modern agricultural greenhouses and aquaculture, greenhouses, modern eco-restaurant roof.
2. Car, bicycle parking shed, awning.
3. Industrial plants, public buildings, civil construction, modern commercial building safety glazing material.
4. Highway, flyovers, rail traffic noise barriers.
5. Subways, airports, railway stations, docks, Hou pending hall, and roof access.
6. Parks, rest pavilion residents of the community, hallway ceiling.
7. Bathrooms, toilets, and all kinds of interior partition.
8. Wall, roof, screens, and other high-end interior decoration.
9. Office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, stadiums, and ceiling lighting utilities.


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