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Character of agricultural glass greenhouse for vegetables


Agricultural glass greenhouse for vegetables has a beautiful appearance, high transmittance and stability, large ventilation area and excellent sealing performance, high drainage capacity. However, its insulation ability is not as good as PC sheet greenhouse and double layers film greenhouse. Also, glass greenhouse energy consumption is relatively high. To enhance the insulation, we recommend using double glass. It is suitable for flower cultivation, seed breeding, flower market, eco-hotel, scientific research and other purposes.

The agricultural glass greenhouse for vegetables has the characteristics of high light transmittance, beautiful appearance, simple and stable structure, and strong anti-corrosion. It is suitable for plants with high requirements for sunlight. Each span of the glass multi-span greenhouse has 3 roofs, and each span has two slopes. The skeleton material of the greenhouse is generally made of galvanized steel material, which is connected by anti-rust bolts.greenhouses can be used in all areas of agriculture such as breeding, kinds of economic plants growing,commercial ecological sightseeing park and scientific research etc.

Character of agricultural glass greenhouse for vegetables

1.Good heat preservation performance, and is easy to operate.
2.Excellent UV resistance and dew preventing effect.
3.The cover can reduce the evaporation of soil water.
4.Large inner space and natural ventilation to ensure the breath of plants.
5.It can effectively prevent cold air intrusion, low energy consumption.
6.Venlo type roof, beautiful and elegant performance.

Details of agricultural glass greenhouse for vegetables

1. The agricultural glass greenhouse for vegetables is used coconut coir as substrate.
There is nutrient solution supply machine, which can control the EC value and PH value automatically. Inside installs hanging pipe and hanging line.
2. Substrade: coconut coir
The parameter of coconut coir: biological and environmental, plenty of organic nutrients, retaining water and ventilating.
3. PVC planting trough
The planting trough is made of PVC pipe,.
The planting trough can be put on shelves, and also can be put on the ground or under ground. The PVC trough has many sizes,customized by you.
4.Planting Arrangement
One side is a little high, and the other side is a little low for drainage of the waste nutrient solution. Install track between the two rows for daily management and picking.
5.Irrigation and fertilization
The irrigation system is including nutrient solution supply machine, water pipe, branch pipe and drip nozzle.
The machine can be controlled EC value and PH value automatically. The main water pipe is PVC pipe.

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