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Characteristic of multi-span agriculture film greenhouse


UV Treated Multi-span agriculture film greenhouse can reach 36 months or more. Flow drops and anti-fogging capacity can last for 6 months. Excellent transmittance performance: high-tech cutting-edge technology, polymer synthesis, over 92% light transmission rate. This kind of film is still up to 90% transmittance. The temperature is 2-3 degrees higher at night under the same condition as EVA, basically the same with PVC. Applied widely on the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and breeding of aquatic products and poultry as well as scientific experiences all around the world with the development of the plastic-film industry.

Multi-span agriculture film greenhouse is very easy to install, with excellent resistance to wind, compression capacity, both sides can roll membrane ventilation, front-rear can be installed sliding doors, generally covered plastic film and insulation effect is good, widely used in southern China. Summer, film greenhouse can also add a layer of shade net, play the effect of shading cooling.

Multi-span agriculture film greenhouse has strong anti-wind load and anti-snow load capacity, the internal can be added to a layer of arch insulation. In summer, using a cooling pad and fan of the cooling system, roll up the moter side or top ventilation and external shading to achieve the effect of cooling. Affordable use of a wide range generally do 6 meters, 7 meters, 8 meters, 9.6 meters span, the top covering materials generally use plastic film, surrounded by the membrane is not limited to film, can also be used of PC panel or glass and other covering materials.

Characteristic of multi-span agriculture film greenhouse

1. The EU type of greenhouse is a multi-span greenhouse, design by Tring.
2. Multi-span agriculture film greenhouse structure is consisting of main pillars, gutters, arches, profiles, and reinforcements. The greenhouse-style uses the bolt and nut to connect, easy assembly without any welding point.
3. All main parts are hot galvanized with zinc cover 250g±/M2. It guarantees the optimal performance of anti-corrosion, with more than 15years of service life.
4. Multi-span agriculture film greenhouse designed large gutter for efficient rainwater drainage, protect greenhouse
5. Greenhouse covered by plastic film and locked by lock wire with the profile.

Most spans of the arch multi-span agriculture film greenhouse are 8 meters wide. Its major structure is hot-galvanizing pipes and profile. The top and around is a special PO film of the multi-span greenhouse or PC board of 8mm wide. Its transmittance and insulation are very perfect. Around it, the outer and inner shading system is configured, as well as the forced draught fan cooling system, drainage system, dew picking up system, rolling benches, and electronic controlling system. The controlling system of this kind of greenhouse is centralized electric hand control.

The arch multi-span agriculture film greenhouse can be used for the planting of flowers and vegetables, also can be used as the aquaculture greenhouse for the flower, vegetable, and tree. As the ornamental greenhouse, it also can be used as the ecological restaurant, exhibition, tourism, and scientific research, as well as the culture of aquatic and livestock.



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