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Commercial DFT Hydroponics Growing System for Sale

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
Min. Order: 20000 Square Meters >=10000 Square Meters CN¥126.16
Port: Qingdao
Supply Ability: No accurate information
Payments: Visa,On line bank payment,Pat later
Type: Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses
Dimension: Customized
Weight: Customized
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Certification: SGS Certified
Applicable Industries: Greenhouse

Basic Info.

DFT hydroponics growing system is composed of 4 parts: planting tank, planting plate or planting basket, storage tank, and circulating liquid supply system. It is a deep layer of nutrient solution. Above. The hydroponic technique in which the root system extends from the planting plate or netting basket into the nutrient solution. The use of DFT hydroponic technology for strawberry cultivation has the following advantages.

DFT hydroponics growing system is a soilless cultivation mode, so there are no problems such as repeated cropping and continuous cropping; because it is hydroponics, there is no problem of the non-recyclable substrate and limited resources. Moreover, the total amount of DFT hydroponic nutrient solution is large, and the composition and concentration are stable. Short-term water and power outages or equipment failures have no effect on crop growth, and management is more convenient. The roots are partially exposed in the air and partially immersed in the nutrient solution layer, which can better solve the contradiction between water and air. The facility is easy to build, durable, and requires less investment in subsequent production materials; the nutrient utilization rate is high, up to 90% to 95%. DFT is generally more than 2 layers, which can significantly improve the space utilization rate. It can reduce the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, and traditional soil culture. Although the film is buckled on the surface, the fruit is easily contaminated by bacteria and soil because it is too close to the ground. DFT hydroponics can effectively solve this problem. DFT hydroponic culture can effectively shorten the growth period of strawberries. It can be planted with 4 to 5 leaves and can be harvested in about 70 days.

Features of DFT hydroponics growing system

1. Deep. The liquid layer of the cultured nutrients is deep. Therefore, the nutrient solution environment is relatively stable, and changes in temperature, concentration, and pH are relatively small, which can provide a relatively stable environment for plant growth.
1. Hang. The DFT hydroponics growing system is used for cultivation. The plants are hung on the level of nutrient solution so that the roots and stems of the plant are separated from the liquid surface. Some are exposed to the air and some are immersed in the nutrient solution.
1.Flow. The nutrient solution is circulated and the amount of dissolved oxygen is added to eliminate the accumulation of harmful metabolic products in the root system and further improve the nutrient utilization rate.

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