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Commercial Greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
Customized logo (Min. Order: 5000 Square Meters) 5000-9999 Square Meters CN¥210.28
Port: Qingdao,tianjin,lianyungang
Supply Ability: No accurate information
Payments: Direct payment from an online Bank,Pay later,On line bank,Visa
Type: Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses
Dimension: Customized
Weight: Customized
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Certification: SGS Certified
Applicable Industries: Glass Greenhouse

Basic Info.

Compared with plastic multi-span greenhouses, commercial greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system has a higher construction cost and is suitable for large-scale eco-tourism parks. Commercial greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system has beautiful appearance, smooth flow, strong wind load capacity, and large displacement. It is suitable for areas with heavy wind and heavy rainfall.

Advantages of commercial greenhouse

1. Evenly distributed light in the room: a large-sloped triangular roof (that is, there is only one triangular roof in a span), the backlight slope will form a large shadow in the greenhouse, and the growth of plants in this area is poor. The small sloped triangular roof allows the light to be evenly distributed.

2. Low heat consumption: the triangular roof greenhouse has a larger slope, the same building area, the same height, the same external protection area, the small slope roof greenhouse has a small building area, and low heat consumption.

3. Anti-drip function: In the cold season, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, so the greenhouse roof is prone to condensation. Due to the small slope of the small triangular roof, the condensed water flows into the aluminum material, and the condensed water is collected at the sinking point without accumulating to the lower water droplets, preventing the condensation of underwater water droplets from causing leaf surface diseases;

4. Convenient maintenance: Due to the small slope, roof maintenance and cleaning are easy to perform.

5. Commercial greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system
It adopts a hot-dip galvanized steel frame, which is strong and durable, windproof, and pressure resistant.

6. Using glass as the covering material, it has good light transmittance, good airtightness, heat preservation of the wall, and high ornamental value.

7. Large-span apex design, large indoor operation space, the high utilization rate of the greenhouse, and good display effect.

Use of a commercial greenhouse

Due to the large-span apex design, the greenhouse has a large indoor operating space, a high greenhouse utilization rate, and a good display effect, so it is generally used for large sightseeing greenhouses, nursery greenhouses, flower markets, large shopping malls or ecological restaurants.

Commercial greenhouse with the hydroponic growing system
The main beam is made of truss beams, which has a strong bearing capacity. The roof has a triangular ridge shape, which can evenly distribute indoor light. The main steel structure is made of hot-dip galvanized pipes, surrounded by hollow glass, and covered with 5mm thick tempered glass. Commercial greenhouses have internal/external shading cooling systems, fan wet curtain strong cooling systems, anti-condensation systems, skylight ventilation systems, heating systems, intelligent control systems, mobile seedbed systems, mobile sprinkler systems, power distribution systems, etc.

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