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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of multi-function reaper binder


Walking tractor-mounted multi-function reaper binder is very popular among farmers for its compact model, flexible movement, low power consumption, good work quality, and high production efficiency. However, mechanical equipment will inevitably have some problems in the long-term operation. We should correctly understand the causes and troubleshooting methods of these failures, so as not to delay production and cause unnecessary losses.

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of multi-function reaper binder

1. The roller is blocked
Remedy: 1. Slow down the driving speed. 2. Adjust the tool clearance appropriately. 3. Adjust the gap between picking rollers. 4. Check whether the pinch chain is operating normally. 5. The elastic force of the safety spring of the plucking gearbox is not enough, and the pre-compression length of the spring is appropriately compressed to increase the elastic force.

2. The machine shakes too much
Remedy: 1. Check whether the drive shaft is bent, and straighten the drive shaft. 2. Check whether the cross-bearing is damaged and replace the bearing. 3. Damage or loss of the chopper blade will also cause excessive vibration of the machine, so it should be reinstalled in time.

3. The pinch chain does not turn
Remedy: 1. Adjust the distance between the walking tractor-mounted multi-function reaper binder and the ground. 2. Check whether the spindle head screw of the double grater is loose, and adjust the spring preload length. 3. The clamping chain is too loose, the tension of the clamping chain should be adjusted. 4. Check whether the upper and lower sprocket of the reel is wrapped around the grass. 5. Check whether the friction piece is damaged, if it is damaged, replace it in time.

4. The chopper rotor is entangled
Remedy: 1. The belt is too loose, adjust the belt tension. 2. The blade is properly positioned, and the distance between the blade and the ground shall not be less than 30mm.

5.The peeling machine is blocked
Remedy: 1. Adjust the tight spring. 2. Tighten the missing drive belt. 3. Adjust the high and low positions of the pressure feeder. 4. Check whether the rubber plate of the pressure feeder is aging or broken, and should be replaced in time.

6. The upgrade chain does not work
Remedy: 1. Check whether the belt is too loose and tighten the belt. 2. If there are fruit ears stuck between the stems and rollers, remove them in time.

7. The elevator does not work
Remedy: 1. It is possible that the ears will fall into the curved plate of the Walking tractor-mounted multi-function reaper binder, and the ears should be cleaned up in time. 2. Check to see if the fruit ears are brought under the clapboard. They should be inserted and removed. 3. If the transmission belt is too loose, tension the belt.

8. Missing cut or poor quality
Remedy: 1. If the row spacing does not meet the requirements or the walking is skewed, please confirm the operation. 2. Check whether the belt is slipping and tighten the belt. 3. Whether the blade is damaged or lost, it should be replaced or supplemented in time. 4. Reduce the forward speed appropriately.

9.Poor peeling effect
Remedy: 1. Adjust the gap between the pair of peeling rollers. 2. Whether the peeling roller is entangled with debris, it should be cleaned up in time. 3. The nail teeth are too low or have fallen off, the nail teeth should be adjusted or supplemented.

10. Too much loss of grains
Remedy: 1. The head turns too early, so the elevator should be turned before it is transported. 2. The roller picking gap is too large, the gap should be adjusted.

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