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Cultivation Material Fertilizing machine

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
Customized logo (Min. Order: 5000 Units) >=500 Units CN¥14,056.77
Port: Qingdao,tianjin,lianyungang
Supply Ability: 5000 Units
Payments: Visa,On line bank payment,Pat later
Type: water fertilization machine
Dimension: customizable
Weight: customizable
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Certification: ISO
Applicable Industries: Greenhouse

Basic Info.

Soilless cultivation is now a common cultivation method. With the needs of life, this cultivation method has been widely used in agricultural production. If you use soilless cultivation, sometimes fertilizing vegetables and fruits becomes a problem. At this time, you need to use cultivation material fertilizing machines. This equipment is not only small and convenient but also has high fertilization efficiency, which is very suitable for the use of greenhouses.

Features of cultivation material fertilizing machine

1. It is equipped with a 1000L fertilization bucket, the built-in high-precision liquid level sensor automatically senses the amount of water in the bucket, automatically replenishes water and fertilizers, without affecting the fertilization work.

2. Equipped with 4KW high-power constant-pressure frequency conversion water pump, (according to customer needs to configure a more powerful water pump) mixed fertilizer mixing, automatic integration.

3. Adopt industrial PLC controller with 10-inch industrial touch screen, simple interface, self-developed program, mature technology, fully realize unattended operation.

4. The program has a built-in fertilizing ratio for the growing cycle of the planting crops of the customer, which can achieve precise fertilizer matching according to the demand of the growing crops to achieve the best fertilizer and water demand for the crops.

5. The device can be equipped with EC/PH sensor, which can collect the temperature, EC (conductivity), PH (acidity and alkalinity) and other data of the water and fertilizer liquid, and can calculate according to the data to adjust the concentration and pH of the fertilizer liquid in real-time.

6. The Internet of Things interface is reserved. After adding hardware, mobile APP, WEB, WeChat public account, and other monitoring and control fertilizers and weather stations can be realized, and sensor data can be uploaded to the cloud platform in real-time. Users can remotely view, download, Print sensor data report.

Installation method of cultivation material fertilizing machine

1. The fertilizer is seen from the rear, the left side is connected to the inlet pipe, and the right side is connected to the outlet pipe;

2. The three routes in the middle are connected to three fertilizing barrels. Be sure to install a Y-shaped filter on each fertilizing channel;

3. For these five channels, the left and right sides are connected with 32mm live joints, and the middle three channels are connected with 25mm live joints;

4. On the left and right sides (in and out of the water), a ball valve or check valve can be added to each channel, (check valves are directional, please pay attention when installing)

5. The middle three-way first uses the live connection, then bend down with 25 elbows, then use 25*32 diameter reduction, and then connect to 32 mesh filter (generally thicker fertilizer, more impurities), filter There is a direction, please pay attention when installing.

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