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Features and merit of leisure/sightseeing greenhouse


Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse is a high-tech agricultural boutique theme park that integrating sightseeing, technology display, and popular science education. It integrates garden art, garden landscape, cultivation technology, and regional culture. Modern greenhouse as the carrier, planning and design and tourism planning as a principle, the greenhouse uses modern high-tech agricultural science and technology to make reasonable integration and layout of natural landscape (facilities crop-based) elements, cultural landscape elements, and landscape engineering elements, making it become a new agriculture landscape form with complete landscape system and tourism functions.

In a leisure/sightseeing greenhouse, the glass is used as the covering material, the light transmittance is extremely high, the heat preservation effect is good, the structure strength is high, the service life is long. The common type is the leisure/sightseeing greenhouse, the commonly used span is 9.6m(3.2*3 steeples), 10.8 m(3.6*steeple), 12m(4*3steeple), 4m high to 7m in wall height. The top and the surrounding area of the greenhouse can be used for a rack and pinion motor drive ventilation equipment, water curtain fan cooling equipment, inner shade, and other facilities equipment to meet different customer needs.

Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse belongs to a kind of sightseeing agriculture. Sightseeing Greenhouse is furnished the agricultural landscape in an internally built greenhouse, in order to attract tourists, and get economic benefits. All the agricultural landscape is made up of agricultural material. It uses many famous and rare vegetables to carefully design, at the same time, used horticulture, art, sculpture, and architecture. In accordance with the approach of landscape layout, vegetable culture art is deductive incisively and vividly. It greatly enhances the ornamental, riches Park display content to show the artistic effect of the boutique garden, the beauty of pastoral style, and garden art.

Features of leisure/sightseeing greenhouse

1. Compared with ordinary greenhouse, sightseeing greenhouse is more attractive to tourists, which the key lies in characteristics, innovation, and management.

2. Sightseeing greenhouse mainly produces flowers, fruits, vegetables, livestock, and poultry. It is rich in tourism varieties and can be constantly transformed. Its products can also be harvested and sold.

3. Sightseeing greenhouse can display the farming methods in various periods from primitive agriculture, traditional agriculture to modern agriculture in the form of real objects and pictures, with far-reaching historical and cultural connotations.

4. The participation of agriculture is very strong. The harvest is cultivated and the farming atmosphere is strong.

The merit of leisure/sightseeing greenhouse

1. Emphasis on participation in leisure landscape of agricultural sightseeing greenhouse
The so-called participation is to let visitors come inside and let the body directly contact the landscape and become part of the landscape.
2. Environmental protection
Currently, the landscape uses multiple plant cultivation methods and technical support, especially some three-dimensional cultivation methods with beautiful appearance and unique features.

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