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Features of NFT hydroponic growing systems


NFT hydroponic growing systems are a new type of soilless cultivation technology, compared with traditional soilless cultivation technology. It has the advantages of simple equipment, low investment, low cost, and easy production and application.

Commercial NFT hydroponic growing systems are now widely used in commercial greenhouses. It is a system of agriculture that utilizes nutrient-laden water rather than soil for plant nourishment. Because it does not require natural precipitation or fertile land in order to be effective, it presents people who are living in arid regions with a means to grow food for them and for profit. In addition, the technique can be used in rooftop farming and therefore is very useful in areas with limited space such as urban areas.

Traditional soilless cultivation. Including substrate cultivation with the solid substrate and hydroponic cultivation without solid substrate. All must be made of cement or metal materials into fixed cultivation beds and other supporting facilities, and at the same time, appropriate devices and methods must be used to solve the oxygen supply in the rhizosphere. Therefore, facilities and installations are more complicated. Moreover, the investment is large, the cost is high, and the large-scale promotion and application are restricted by financial and material resources. NFT hydroponic growing systems use plastic film as a cultivation bed. The seedlings of the crops are planted in the cultivation bed by an appropriate method, and the nutrient solution flows in a thin layer on the bottom surface of the cultivation bed. So that the root system can continuously absorb nutrients and water. And ensure that there is sufficient oxygen supply. It is called nutrient liquid film cultivation because the nutrient solution supplied by the circulating flow is extremely shallow as a film flow.

Features of NFT hydroponic growing systems

1. The structure is simple, as long as the appropriate film and liquid supply device are selected. You can design and install by yourself;
2. Small investment and low cost;
3. The nutrient solution is circulated in a film-like liquid flow to provide a better solution to the root oxygen supply problem. The nutrient, water, and oxygen supply of the root system are coordinated. Conducive to the growth and development of crops;
4. The supply of nutrient solution is small and easy to replace;
5. It is convenient to clean and disinfect the equipment.

However, this NFT hydroponic growing systems also has its shortcomings, mainly in the following aspects:
1. The slope of the cultivation bed has strict requirements. If the cultivation bed surface is uneven, the nutrient solution will form a turbulent flow. Uneven liquid supply. In particular, the crops in the bed at the inlet and outlet are unevenly exposed to liquid, and the growth difference between plants is large, which will affect the yield;
2. Due to the small flow rate of the nutrient solution, its nutrient content, concentration, and PH value are prone to change.
3. Because there is no buffering effect of matrix and deep water layer. The temperature of the rhizosphere varies greatly.
4. NFT hydroponic growing systems need to circulate the liquid supply. The daily liquid supply is many times and consumes a lot of energy. In the event of power outages and water cuts, especially in the season of crop growth and high temperature, it is difficult to manage the nutrient solution.
5. Due to the circulating liquid supply, once infected with soil-borne diseases, there is a danger of annihilation.

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