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Features of soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation


Soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation refers to the use of water, peat or forest rotting leaves, vermiculite, and other media as the root of the plant matrix fixation plant, plant root system can be directly exposed to nutrient solution cultivation methods. The nutrient-liquid components in soilless cultivation are easy to control and can be adjusted at any time. Where light, the temperature is appropriate and there is no soil, such as deserts, beaches, desert islands, as long as there is a certain amount of freshwater supply, it can be carried out. Soilless cultivation is divided into hydroponic, fog (gas) culture, and matrix cultivation according to the different cultivation media. Hydroponics refers to the plant root system directly in contact with the nutrient solution, without the use of matrix cultivation methods. The earliest hydroponic is the plant root system immersed in the nutrient solution to grow, this way will appear hypoxia phenomenon, serious cause root death.

Soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation is used as a solid substrate for soilless cultivation. It has been widely used in greenhouse vegetable cultivation, artificial flower cultivation, vegetable planting base, medicinal plant cultivation, cultivation of high-grade green vegetables, fruit cultivation, soilless seedling, etc. Promote the development of agricultural modernization.

Features of soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation

1. Using hydroponic rock wool cultivation instead of soil.
2. Soilless cultivated plants growing faster, with high production. For example, the yield of tomato and cucumber may reach double times as soil cultivation.
3. Free from soil pollution, high-quality crops that are clean and non-polluting can be cultivated from soilless cultivation.
4. Labor-saving, water-saving, and fertilizer saving. Soil management work can be greatly reduced as no need for soil farming, weeding, and so on.
5. Free from the damage to soil continuous cropping.
(60Get rid of the limit by the growing condition. It can be done in the roof, balcony, and even desert.

The advantage of soilless cultivation aeroponics cultivation

1. Strawberry vertical cultivation in the greenhouse can greatly save greenhouse land. Improve greenhouse use area and space.
2. Reduce pests and diseases and facilitate daily management.
3.Food grade UPVC material, long service life.
4.Low cost but stable and high productivity.
5. All the growing conditions can be controlled with a hydroponics system.
6. Plants grow healthier, No pesticide damage, environment friendly, easy to harvest.
7. It is a new modem strawberry cultivation techniques.

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