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Features of tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder working parts


Agricultural use tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder planting operations mainly use tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder for planting operations. The corn planter has sowing evenly. Consistent depth. Stable row spacing, good soil covering, saving seeds. Features such as high work efficiency.

We have made more professional improvements on the previous new corn planter. The seeder disc is larger than the previous one, which can make the corn seeds rotate in the spoon-type wheel in the disc for a long distance, which is conducive to seed separation. The single-grain effect of the seeding operation is guaranteed, which makes it easier to adjust the plant spacing. The gear spindle adopts special processing, which makes the adjustment of the planting corn plant spacing quicker and simpler.

Features of tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder working parts

Agricultural use tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder discharges seeds continuously and evenly from the seedbox according to sowing requirements. The outer groove wheel type metering device is commonly used in grain drills. Since the seed metering sheave can move laterally, the seeding amount can be adjusted by changing the rotation speed of the outer sheave and the working length of the outer sheave in the seeding cup. The outer groove wheel has two specifications, large and small. When using a small groove wheel to sow small seeds, the rotation speed can be appropriately increased, and its seeding uniformity is slightly better than that of a large groove wheel. The gap between the outer groove wheel and the seed rowing tongue is adjustable to meet the needs of rowing large and small seeds.

Agricultural use tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder The horizontal star wheel fertilizer discharging device consists of a fertilizer discharging star wheel and a hammer. When the star gear rotates, the fertilizer is brought to the fertilizer discharge port, and the hammer is hit to make the fertilizer fall into the fertilizer pipe.

Agricultural use tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder the role of the trencher is to open trenches, guide seeds into the soil, and cover the wet soil. Drills generally use double disc openers, with two disc blades intersecting at one point at the front and bottom to form an angle. When working, under the action of its own weight and additional spring pressure, the two discs roll forward, cut the soil and push it to both sides to form a seed ditch, and the seeds and fertilizer fall into the bottom of the ditch through the seed tube in the middle of the opener body. After the disc has passed, the wet soil under the ditch wall covers the seeds and then is covered with dry soil. Some small low-speed grain drills use a shovel opener. The shovel opener has the characteristics of simple structure, lightweight, and easy manufacture, but there are problems such as the easy hanging of grass, soil, and mixing of dry and wet soil.

Agricultural use tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder the seed (fertilizer) pipe is installed between the seed metering device and the opener to guide the seeds discharged from the seeder to the opener. The coiled seed tube is made of a coiled steel belt, which can be stretched and bent, and the seed guide is reliable.

Agricultural use tractor-mounted rice/wheat seeder is used to cover the seeds sown in the ditch, and the suppressing device is used to compact the soil so that the seeds are closely connected to the wet soil.

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