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High Efficient Venlo type Glass Greenhouse

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
5000 Squares 5000-9999 Square Meters CN¥209.54
Port: Qingdao
Supply Ability: No accurate information
Payments: Visa,On line bank payment,Pat later
Type: Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses, Commercial Glasshouse
Dimension: customized
Weight: customized
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Certification: SGS Certified
Applicable Industries: Agriculture, commerce, garden, sightseeing

Basic Info.

Venlo type Glass Greenhouse, as a special indoor space, is the product of the combination of human science and technology development and nature. It breaks the space environment and the geographical boundaries of plant growth. As a new type of landscape form, the greenhouse landscape combines technologies such as bioengineering, landscape engineering, and environmental engineering to create an environment that can be manually controlled.

Features of Venlo type Glass Greenhouse

1. High light transmittance and uniform light
Due to the characteristics of the load-bearing structure, High Efficient Venlo type Glass Greenhouse roof uses glass with high light transmittance as the lighting material. At the same time, the special aluminum profile is used as the roof beam, which greatly reduces the cross-sectional size of the roof beam, and eliminates the roofing strips and connectors, etc., reduces the shading of the entire roofing system, and greatly improves the light transmittance of the entire greenhouse. This Venlo-type glass greenhouse comes from various European countries. This feature is well adapted to the feature of less light in winter in Europe and has become an important factor for its large-scale promotion and use. In addition, due to the use of the same structure of the hut surface, the distribution of light in the greenhouse is more uniform, which creates conditions for the uniform light of the crops, and is especially suitable for greenhouse seedlings and flower production that requires high uniformity of light.

2. The greenhouse is well sealed
Venlo type Glass Greenhouse uses special aluminum alloy and its matching rubber strips and injection molded parts as glass inlaid components, which greatly improves the airtightness of the greenhouse. The heat loss is greatly reduced. On the other hand, it provides conditions for good roof drainage. Therefore, Venlo-type greenhouses often combine gutters with small cross-sections and roofs on both sides of the gutter to form roof drainage channels of the greenhouse, which greatly improves roof drainage efficiency.

3. Large ventilation area
Venlo type Glass Greenhouse has a higher proportion of roof projection relative to the ground. Compared with other types of greenhouses of the same span, it can have 2~4 pairs of roofs in each span, that is, 2~4 roof ridges and gutters. Therefore, when the interval windowing method is adopted, the same ventilation rate as other greenhouses with the same span can be achieved. Generally, the ventilated area of ​​the Venlo type greenhouse can reach about 10% of the greenhouse area.

4. High roof drainage efficiency
Since the number of gutters per span in Venlo-type greenhouses is 2 to 4, compared with other greenhouses of the same span, the catchment area of ​​each gutter is reduced by 50% to 83%.

5. Strong flexibility in use
The application of trussed roof joists makes the Venlo type greenhouse more flexible. Since the height of the truss joists is 350~850㎜, it is provided for the installation of pioneering institutions, curtain systems, crop suspension systems, and other equipment. Enough installation space and support position.

6. Strong versatility of components
Due to the consistency of the roof unit of Venlo type Glass Greenhouse and the similarity of the node structure, it provides the greatest possibility for the standardization of components, thereby reducing the characteristics of large changes and large numbers of components caused by different greenhouse spans. On the one hand, such universal components reduce the production cost and management cost of the greenhouse, and also provide greater convenience for product after-sales service and maintenance.

7. The greenhouse height is low and the load-bearing capacity is strong
Compared with the factory building or large steel structure, the Venlo glass greenhouse uses a light steel truss structure. As the height of the roof is reduced, the overall height of the greenhouse is reduced accordingly without affecting the height of the indoor space of the greenhouse. Because the wind load of the main structure of the greenhouse is directly related to the height of the greenhouse, reducing the height of the greenhouse is actually equivalent to reducing the wind load on the greenhouse. That is, under the same conditions, the capacity of the Venlo type greenhouse to carry the wind load is improved.

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