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How does the multi-span greenhouse monitoring system work?


The greenhouse is a very important building facility for the development of modern agriculture. The multi-span greenhouse must not only be equipped with corresponding facilities and systems, but the key is to do “temperature control” work. Today, I will introduce to you how the multi-span greenhouse monitoring system works.

What is a multi-span greenhouse?

Multi-span greenhouse refers to several connected smart greenhouses. Smart greenhouses are also called automated greenhouses. They are equipped with computer-controlled movable skylights, sunshade systems, heat preservation, wet curtains/fan cooling systems, sprinkler irrigation systems or drip irrigation systems, mobile seedbeds, and other automated facilities, based on the agricultural greenhouse environment. High-tech “smart” greenhouse. The control of the intelligent greenhouse generally consists of three parts: a signal acquisition system, a central computer, and a control system.

The “central system” of the greenhouse is the intelligent greenhouse monitoring system. It is composed of sensors, automated control systems, communications, computer technology, and expert systems. By pre-installing suitable environmental parameters required for the growth of a variety of crops, it builds an intelligent soft and hard platform for greenhouses to achieve control of the temperature, humidity, light, and temperature in the greenhouse. Automatic monitoring and control of factors such as carbon dioxide and nutrient solution.

How does the multi-span greenhouse monitoring system work?

The computer collects various environmental parameters through sensors, combines the knowledge of the agricultural expert system, makes decisions and issues instructions, and controls the irrigation system, temperature control system, humidity control system, internal and external Equipment such as shading and supplementary lighting systems are controlled to create environmental conditions suitable for the growth and development of crops and achieve the goal of high-yield, high-quality, and high-efficiency production.

The system can be widely used in the production and management of agricultural facilities such as modern greenhouses, storage, and fresh-keeping warehouses, and breeding houses in various regions, allowing users to truly appreciate the convenience brought by “science and technology serving agriculture”. Through the use of the greenhouse monitoring system, farmers At any time, there is a feeling that “no matter whether it is windy or rainy outside, the greenhouse is always in good weather.”

Advantages and disadvantages of multi-span greenhouse

Compared with previous independent greenhouses, multi-span greenhouses have the advantages of high land utilization, good heat preservation effect, large overall space, etc., at the same time, they are convenient for unified management of the internal environment and low cost. Of course, the disadvantage is that the overall heat preservation is not as good as wall solar greenhouses. The greenhouse is good. Of course, choosing the right type of greenhouse according to the different types of crops will have good performance. Naturally, it is the basis for good results, so targeted selection will have good performance.

It can realize miniaturized mechanical operations.
Small-sized mechanical operations can be realized in the multi-span greenhouse Dapeng, so the efficiency of agricultural planting is higher, and there are great advantages in yield growth and utilization growth. Naturally, it is the key to obtaining good benefits. Only choosing from a professional channel can make the utilization rate of greenhouses higher, and it is also a prerequisite adjustment that guarantees the increase in agricultural production and income.

The initial investment is large and the planting of crops is single.
Due to the large area of ​​the multi-span greenhouse, there is easy to ventilate dead corners, and plant diseases and insect pests are easy to spread, and the initial construction investment is relatively large. Moreover, the types of crops are relatively single in this kind of Dapeng, so these are also relatively obvious shortcomings. Of course, anyone These facilities have advantages and disadvantages, so how to determine, or better to determine, and then can be better in terms of quality.

Combining with the above introduction, it can be seen that the advantages and disadvantages of multi-span greenhouses are obvious. However, how to make a specific choice depends on the actual situation. After all, there are many types of greenhouses, according to the requirements of crop planting. Choosing the right greenhouse will be very important and should be better controlled.

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