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How to choose a high-quality single row and double row potato planter?


Tractor mounted single row and double row potato planter is a planting machine that uses a seeding system to plant massive seeds in the ground in an orderly manner. Potatoes and other root crops can be planted, and it can be used with a small tractor. It integrates ditching, fertilization, seeding and soil covering, and can complete fertilization and seeding operations at one time. The potato planter is mainly used in conjunction with a four-wheel tractor. The equipment integrates ditching, fertilization, sowing and covering, and shock pressure. It can complete planting and fertilization at one time. To a certain extent, it reduces the production and output of labor, which allows us to improve work efficiency while saving manpower.

How to choose a high-quality single row and double row potato planter?

1. First, choose the correct tractor mounted single row and double row potato planter according to the actual use situation and use environment. Finding a potato planter model suitable for your local land environment is crucial to the normal use of the machine in the later period.

2. When purchasing a potato planter, pay attention to understanding the functions of the potato planter. Try to buy a potato planter with more complete functions, and it will be more convenient to use later and pay attention to buying a potato planter with a reasonable structure design. It is convenient for later use, because the purchased potato planters are basically farmers’ friends, and they rarely come into contact with some large-scale machinery. If the structure design of the potato planter is more complicated, it will bring great difficulties to the farmer’s friends. Can’t make better use of the function of potato planting machine.

3. When purchasing a potato planter, pay attention to whether the material used for the potato planter is strong and thick, and whether the quality of the parts used by the machine is guaranteed, and it can be replaced in time to prevent any problems in the later stages. The sturdy and thick materials can ensure the high quality of the potato planter, and will not cause safety hazards to the driver due to quality problems during use.

How does the potato planter operate?

1. In order to ensure the quality of planting, before planting a large area, you must insist on trial planting 20m, observe the working conditions of the planter, and ask agricultural machinery personnel, farmers, etc. to test and consult to confirm that it meets the local agronomic requirements, and then conduct large-scale planting.

2. Pay attention to adding the seeds. The seeds added to the seedbox should be free of small, stubborn, and mixed seeds to ensure the effectiveness of the seeds. Secondly, the number of seeds added to the seedbox must be at least enough to cover the entrance of the seeding box to ensure smooth seeding. It has the characteristics of uniform seeding, consistent depth, stable row spacing, good soil covering, seed saving, and high work efficiency. Perhaps it is this simple device that brings us a different work experience.

Tractor mounted single row and double row potato planter. The maintenance before entering the field is to clean up the debris in the seeding box and the entangled grass and soil on the opener to ensure the good condition and to control the transmission and rotation of the tractor and the planter. Please add lubricating oil according to the requirements of the instructions, especially pay attention to the lubrication and tension of the transmission chain and the tightening of the bolts on the planter before each operation

3. The frame of the potato planter cannot be tilted. After the planter is connected to the tractor, it should not be tilted. The frame should be horizontal before and after work. Do all kinds of adjustments. Adjust the seeding rate, the row spacing of the opener, and the depth of the ditch covering the soil suppression wheel appropriately according to the provisions of the instruction manual and agronomic requirements.

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