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How to extend the service life of peanut picker?


The peanut shell can be removed by a high-speed rotating body to keep the peanuts intact and bring higher benefits to users, but how to choose its model?

How to choose the model of a peanut picker?

1. The peanut picker has the advantages of high extraction rate, low damage rate, cleanliness, high work efficiency, reasonable structure of the whole machine, and convenient movement between sites.
2. The harvested fruit is clean, the shell damage rate is low, the loss is small, the dry and wet stems are dry, the work efficiency is high, the threshing is clean, the structure of the peanut picking machine is mainly composed of a frame, a motor, a transmission part, and a picking part. Fan selection components and vibration mechanism.
3. Rear shaft of tractor or electric motor mounted peanut picker machine can feed peanuts evenly after normal operation. Choose a suitable screen according to the size of peanuts. A small peanut picker will feed properly. It does not include iron filings, stones, and other products. To avoid peanut breakage and mechanical failure, you can turn on the rice switch when peanuts cover the sieve surface.
4. When the peanut shell in the peanut increases, what are the technical requirements of the peanut picker? The motor can move down to tighten the fan belt and increase the amount of air blow. People should not stand on the side of the belt drive during operation to avoid damage.
5. Before the peanut picker, it can be placed on stable ground to check whether the fasteners are tightened, whether the rotating parts are elastic, and whether there is oil in each bearing. When the motor is started, the rotation of the rotor should be consistent with the machine. The directions indicated above are the same, idling for a few minutes to see if there is any abnormal noise.
6.Rear shaft of tractor or electric motor mounted peanut picker machine adopts spiral feeding and circular fruit picking, which not only has the characteristics of rotating seedlings and fast fruit picking but also can timely remove some impurities and finish the picking quickly and cleanly. The place is less dusty and has less impact on the environment and pedestrians.

How to extend the service life of peanut picker?

Rear shaft of tractor or electric motor mounted peanut picker machine After a period of use, some problems such as failure and quality will occur, and some users have to replace the equipment. The fruit picker manufacturer has also compiled some information to teach you how to extend it. The useful life of the fruit picker.
1. Workers should fasten the sleeves of their clothes when using them, and lesbians should wear work caps. If an abnormal sound is heard or a fault is found, the machine must be stopped for inspection, and the fault should be eliminated in time. It is strictly forbidden to work with the machine.
2. It is strictly forbidden to run the fruit picker under load; there must be personnel to inspect, adjust, and maintain it after the end of the workday. For example: adding grease, repair welding, etc.
3. When the rear shaft of tractor or electric motor mounted peanut picker machine is blocked, check the feeding amount, dry humidity of the peanut seedlings, tightness of the motor triangle belt, power supply voltage, etc.
4. When the peanut picker is not clean, adjust the gap between the hobbing gear and the bottom of the screen. The large gap between the gear hobbing and the bottom of the screen can easily cause dirty picking.
5. When the peanuts contain a lot of impurities and the peanuts are sucked out, adjust the suction port appropriately. Lower the suction vent when there is a lot of debris.
6. When the peanuts are sucked out, increase the suction port. As long as we pay attention to maintenance in normal use, it is possible to increase the service life of the peanut cleaning and picking machine.
7. Install the specified time to check whether each part of the peanut picker is normal. If the parts are found to be severely worn, they must be replaced in time to avoid other failures to the machine.

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