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Installation method of peanut planter with fertilizer box


When the peanut planter with fertilizer box is in use, always observe the working conditions of the seed meter, opener, cover, and transmission mechanism when sowing. If clogging, clay, entanglement, or seed cover is not tight, remove it in time. Adjustments, repairs, lubrication, or cleaning of tangled grass must be carried out after parking. Protect the parts When the planter is working, it is strictly forbidden to go backward or make sharp turns. The lifting or lowering of the planter should be carried out slowly to avoid damage to the parts. Note that the seeds in the seedbox should not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seedbox during operation. When transporting or transferring the plot, the seed box must not contain seeds, let alone other heavy objects. A new type of corn and peanut planter Multifunctional portable fertilizer applicator. The retaining plate of the multifunctional portable fertilizer applicator is shallow and the depth of the mat is reduced. Years of experience have proved that the depth is not suitable for planting. The suitable depth is 4-4.5 cm.

Features of peanut planter with fertilizer box

1. Ditching, seeding, and soil covering are completed in one go
2. Built-in power planter, suitable for large area operations
3. Intensive planting of small seeds
4. Easy operation and dexterous turning
5. The seeding wheel made of special materials can accurately drop and drop the seed rate
6. Both sides are equipped with mobile rubber wheels, which is convenient for moving the planter into the warehouse when it is not in operation
7. Peanut planter with fertilizer box seeding method: seeding wheel type, free assembly, detachable to increase or decrease the number of rows (number of groups)
8. Change the seeding wheel to sow different types of seeds
9. Different types of gears are randomly matched to adjust the plant spacing
-Small and light, suitable for small noodle planting and mountainous use
-By replacing the seeding wheel with the same model, all kinds of small and medium seeds can be planted
-Sowing depth easily adjustable
-Driven non-stick soil design to reduce resistance.

Installation method of peanut planter with fertilizer box

1. The sowing opener must be offset from the left and right direction of the fertilizing opener by more than 50mm to avoid fertilizer burning.
2. When installing each seeding assembly, try to keep the corresponding shaft holes concentric. When the bolts are tightened, observe the gap between the assembly and the support beam while tightening the bolts to ensure a complete connection with the beam surface. Loosen the U-shaped wire of the fertilization opener, move the plow column up and down to adjust the depth, move it up to shallow, and move it down to deep.
3. The peanut planter with fertilization box requires the lower tip of each fertilization opener to be parallel to the frame. It is recommended that the fertilization opener is 50mm deeper than the sowing opener to achieve the deep application of chemical fertilizers. Adjust the profiling wheel downwards, the opener rises, the seeding depth decreases. Otherwise, the seeding depth increases. Multi-purpose peanut sowing and fertilizing machine The seeds of the high-efficiency portable peanut planter fall from the seed box to the spreading wheel, and broadcast in the tangential direction under the action of centrifugal force, with a sowing width of 0.8 to 1.2 meters.

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