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Installation method of tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder


Tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder is suitable for planting in a variety of terrains. The seedbox and fertilizer box are separated, which increases the amount of seed and fertilizer added. The new fertilizer hopper is made of mirror stainless steel, which is durable and beautiful. Tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder is used in conjunction with a four-wheel tractor. It adopts a three-point suspension and uses hydraulic lifting. The seed metering device is driven by the ground wheel, which is easy to use. The light double-disc opener can smoothly open trenches, fertilize and sow in the soil where the straw is returned to the field. When working in plots where straw is not returned to the field, the disc opener can be replaced with an arrow shovel opener. The seeding depth is adjustable, the seeding amount is adjustable, and it has the characteristics of uniform seeding, consistent depth, stable row spacing, good soil covering seed saving, and high work efficiency.

Tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder can complete the steps of leveling, ditching, sowing, fertilizing, suppressing, covering soil, and vertical cutting in one operation. Wide adaptability: it can sow wheat, corn, soybeans, and other crops, and is suitable for sowing operations in plain areas in my country.
The new generation disc opener is produced by manganese steel quenching process, with high hardness, high strength, and good soil penetration performance, and is equipped with a soil scraping device, which can work well in clay. The ridge builder can be adjusted up, down, left, and right, which can be used to build bridges and fill the car ditch. There is no need to stop and get off the car during adjustment, and it is within reach.

Tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder is equipped with disc opener, spring leg opener, and corner shovel opener for users to choose according to different terrain. This series of wheat fertilizing planters are planting machinery for 15-100 horsepower tractors, suitable for plains and other places.

Installation method of tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder

To install Tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder and tractor, connect the lower suspension of the planter to the lower suspension rod of the tractor, and the upper suspension bracket to connect the upper suspension rod of the tractor. After connection, put the pin and lock the pin. Adjust the suspension middle adjustment rod so that the planter is level at the front, rear, left, and right, and adjust the two limits of the suspension rod.

Features of tractor mounted rice/wheat seeder

1. The machine adopts the outer groove wheel type seed metering and fertilizer discharging mechanism, so that the seeding rate, the performance is stable, and the seed is saved.
2. The machine uses high-quality square tubes to ensure that the frame is not deformed during seeding operations. The transmission mechanism is connected by a transmission shaft, which is safe and reliable.
3. The wide opener is used to widen the width, which is beneficial to increase production.
4. The adjustment of seed rate adopts the structure of handwheel and gearbox, making the adjustment more convenient.
5. The side of the fertilizer box adopts a circular arc surface, and the bottom surface adopts a V-shaped surface. The seeding tube is placed on the side for seeding, which improves work efficiency.

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