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Introduction of Commercial Glass Greenhouse for Strawberry and Lettuce


A glass greenhouse is a greenhouse with glass as the main light-transmitting covering material, which is a kind of greenhouse. It has a long service life and is suitable for a variety of regions and a variety of climates. It is divided into a variety of different greenhouses for planting different plants. This product is a commercial glass greenhouse for strawberries and lettuce.

A glass greenhouse refers to a greenhouse that uses glass as lighting material. It is a kind of greenhouse. In cultivation facilities, the glass greenhouse is the longest form of service life and is suitable for use in various regions and various climatic conditions.

Application principle of greenhouse glass

The greenhouse is a building that uses daylighting covering materials as all or part of the enclosure structure material, which can be used to cultivate plants in winter or other reasons that are not suitable for open-field plant growth. Indoor greenhouse cultivation devices, including planting troughs, water supply systems, temperature control systems, auxiliary lighting systems, and humidity control systems; planting troughs are set at the bottom of the window or made into screens for planting plants; the water supply system automatically supplies water in a timely and appropriate amount; temperature The control system includes exhaust fan, hot fan, temperature sensor, and thermostat system control box to adjust the temperature in time.

The auxiliary lighting system includes plant lights and reflectors, which are installed around the planting trough to provide lighting when there is no daylight so that the plants can photosynthesize and present a beautiful landscape through the refraction of light; the humidity control system cooperates with the exhaust fan to adjust the humidity and Reduce the indoor temperature.

Different kinds of glass greenhouses

The industry is divided into different construction models according to the size of the span and the bay, and divided into different use methods: vegetable glass greenhouses, flower glass greenhouses, Commercial glass greenhouse for strawberry and lettuce, seedling glass greenhouses, ecological glass greenhouses, scientific research Glass greenhouses, three-dimensional glass greenhouses, special-shaped glass greenhouses, leisure glass greenhouses, smart glass greenhouses, etc. The area and use method can be freely adjusted by the greenhouse owner. The smallest one has a courtyard leisure type. The large height can reach more than 10 meters, the span can reach 16 meters, and the bay can reach up to 10 meters. The degree of intelligence can be controlled by one button. The heating problem of glass greenhouses in winter can adopt a variety of heating methods, and the energy consumption costs are moderate, and most of them are acceptable. Therefore, the development of glass greenhouses is extremely fast and the scope of promotion is extremely wide.

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