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Introduction to the greenhouse with black-out system


There are many types of greenhouses. Designing the greenhouse form according to everyone’s needs for greenhouses can be more conducive to everyone’s mastery and use of greenhouses. Today, I recommend a greenhouse with a black-out system. This kind of greenhouse can prevent the planting in the greenhouse from being irradiated by the sun, thereby protecting the greenhouse and prolonging its life.

The composition of the greenhouse outdoor shading system outdoor shading skeleton part (column, beam, longitudinal beam,), electric reducer, outer shading net, black curtain line, black curtain line, transmission shaft, driveshaft, curtain rack and pinion, rack push-pull rod, Support hanging wheel, driving side aluminum alloy profile, positioning circlip, counterweight plate, and corresponding connection accessories, etc.

Brief introduction of greenhouse outdoor shading system

Greenhouse with a black-out system compared with the inner shading and heat preservation system, the outer shading system can effectively block the light outside the greenhouse, thereby cooling and shading.
1. The system is mainly suitable for shading and cooling in summer, allowing part of the sunlight to enter the greenhouse, ensuring that crops are not burned by strong light, and reducing the temperature of the greenhouse.
2. By adjusting the opening and closing of the sunshade net, the demand for light in the greenhouse can be met.
3. The high-strength sunshade net has anti-hail protection.

Greenhouse outdoor shading system skeleton

The outer sunshade column adopts a 50×50×2.0 square tube, and the beam adopts a 50×50×2.0 square tube. Between the end column and the second row of columns, Ф32 hot-dip galvanized round tubes are used as diagonal bracing. All steel components are hot-dip galvanized and have good outdoor anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities.

Outdoor shade and insulation curtain
Install an external shading screen on the top of the greenhouse with a black-out system 0.5 meters above the roof ridge. The shading material is a breathable shading screen with a shading rate of 65% and an energy-saving rate of 25%. The shading net is made of domestic black shading nets. The shading net shading rate is 70%. It is made of high-density polyethylene, treated with ultraviolet stabilizer and anti-oxidation. It has the advantages of no disconnection, strong wind resistance, UV resistance, anti-aging, good flatness, etc., and the service life is more than 8 years.

Solar shading drive system outside the greenhouse

The rack and pinion drive system use rack and pinion as the main driving traction material. During work, the electric reducer drives the gear through the rotating shaft, and the gear drives the rack and pinion meshing with it. Thus, the pushrods connected to the two ends of the rack are in Under the traction of the rack, the movable edge of the system is driven to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the sunshade.

The greenhouse with black-out system is driven by a rack and pinion drive system, with a stroke of 3700mm and a speed of 0.4m/s. The system has the following characteristics:

1. Stable operation and accurate walking;
2. Large control area, high control accuracy, and good system airtightness;
3. Long service life and convenient maintenance; The effective life of a high-quality sunshade net is five years, and the actual use is more than five years.

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