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Main advantages of NFT hydroponic growing systems


Commercial NFT hydroponic growing systems are a new type of soilless cultivation technology. Its principle is to make a thin layer of nutrient solution (0.5-1 cm) continuously circulate through the roots of the crop, which not only ensures the continuous supply of water and nutrients to the crop but also ensures sufficient oxygen supply. Compared with traditional soilless cultivation technology, it has simple equipment, low investment, low cost, simplified irrigation technology, and no need to calculate crop water demand every day. The nutrient elements are supplied in a balanced manner, and the root system is isolated from the soil, which can avoid various soil-induced damages, and eliminate the need for soil elimination, reduce the use of pesticides, and facilitate the promotion and application of production.

Commercial NFT hydroponic growing systems have been successfully applied to the cultivation of leafy vegetables and solanaceous vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, rapeseed, coriander, celery, lettuce, amaranth, lettuce, fennel, leeks, lettuce, strawberry, tomato, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, celery, etc.

Traditional soilless cultivation, commercial NFT hydroponic growing systems facilities, and devices are relatively complex, and the investment is high, the cost is high, and the large-scale promotion and application are limited by financial and material resources. NFT hydroponic growing systems use plastic tubes as cultivation beds to plant seedlings of crops in the cultivation beds, and the nutrient solution circulates at the bottom of the cultivation beds. The root system can not only continuously absorb nutrients and water but also ensure sufficient oxygen supply. Because the circulating nutrient solution is extremely shallow as a membrane flow, it is called nutrient liquid film cultivation.

Commercial NFT hydroponic growing systems program mainly adopts automatic liquid replenishment technology to periodically supply the nutrient solution to the cultivated leaf vegetables. This program is suitable for the annual production of pollution-free and green leafy vegetables. The whole system is professionally customized according to the growth characteristics of hydroponic leafy vegetables, realizing scientific and automatic control of the whole process of hydroponics.

Commercial NFT hydroponic growing systems make the cultivation of leafy vegetables independent of climate and environment, and unmanned management can be realized by setting the growth parameters in the control center. It is used for standardization and factory hydroponic cultivation of leafy vegetables, which not only saves fertilizer and labor but also achieves high economic value. At the same time, the cultivation process is pest-free, pesticide-free, and nutritious, ensuring the safety, high yield, and high quality of leafy vegetables. It is expected to become the main means of vegetable cultivation in the future.

Features of commercial NFT hydroponic growing systems

Compared with other soilless cultivation methods, NFT hydroponic growing systems have the following characteristics
1. Simple structure, as long as you select the appropriate film and liquid supply device, you can design and install it yourself.
2. Small investment and low cost.
3. Commercial NFT hydroponic growing systems can better solve the problem of root oxygen supply. The nutrient, water, and oxygen supply of the root system are coordinated. Conducive to the growth and development of crops.
4. The supply of nutrient solution is small and easy to replace.
5. It is convenient to clean and disinfect the equipment.

Main advantages of NFT hydroponic growing systems

1. Greatly reduce the consumption of water and nutrients.
2. Eliminate the supply, processing, and cost issues related to the substrate.
3. Compared with other system types, commercial NFT hydroponic growing systems are relatively easy to disinfect roots and equipment.
4. Since no substrate is used, it is easy to check the roots for signs of disease and adequate nutrition.
5. Regular supply of nutrients (and related washing) can prevent local inorganic salts from accumulating in the root zone and maintain the pH and EC of the root zone unchanged.
6. Environmentally friendly, reducing sewage pollution.


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