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Main features and advantages of China agricultural vegetable greenhouse


China agricultural vegetable greenhouse is widely used in the cultivation of tomato, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It can provide the conditions of suitable illumination, moisture, and temperature, raising the output and resisting natural disasters. It can bring forward or backward the provision, remitting the contradictions of provision and demand.

China agricultural vegetable greenhouse is composed of hot galvanized pipe with three layers of film for the covering material. The frame structure is simple, cheap cost and easy to install.

The main structure of the agricultural vegetable greenhouse is simple and practical, with a low cost of construction and operation. In the cold area, the top can be designed with double arches and double-layer films, which can effectively prevent heat loss and the invasion of cold air, with good insulation effect and low operation cost in the winter.

Main features of China agricultural vegetable greenhouse

1. Simple and strong structure, easy to install, and maintain.
2. The greenhouse used to protect from the rain, preserve moisture, insect prevention, cool, keep warm, and so on.
3. Excellent hot galvanized steel structures and accessories, anti-corrosion. 15-year using life.
4. Ventilation and insect nets can give your planting in a comfortable situation. Increasing yield.
5. Best after-sales service and 15years’ experience in the greenhouse.

Advantages of China agricultural vegetable greenhouse

1. Select hot-dip galvanized steel as a frame which not only looks nice but with strong compressive ability;
2. Use Po Film as the covering material which has a comparatively high transmittance rate;
3. Arch type top can help spread sunlight evenly and get large daylighting area;
4. The space inside is big which can be fully utilized while having a better-showing effect;
5. The price of this kind of greenhouse is much lower than the glass and PC greenhouse so that less money is needed for the initial investment.

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