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Maintenance of multi-span agriculture film greenhouse


The multi-span agricultural greenhouse has three covering materials: glass, solar panels, and film. At present, a multi-span agriculture film greenhouse is more and more widely used in modern agricultural planting in my country, and the indoor investment life is longer. Multi-span agriculture film greenhouse is a simple and practical protective cultivation facility, widely used for the production of vegetables and flowers. But the problem faced by greenhouse users is how to learn how to use and maintain the greenhouse. Even though the greenhouse looks simple, the coordination of his system is regular.

After the greenhouse commissioning is completed, the construction party needs to carry out technology transfer and good equipment use training for users. Such as the precautions for the shading system switch, the maintenance of the geared motor, and the regular inspection of the power distribution system. The greenhouse is professionally operated by the personnel designated by the unit, and other unrelated personnel is prohibited from operating. At the same time, professionals pay attention to abnormal noise during operating system switching, such as the timely detection of abnormal noise. Check the shading system limit every other month. There is no noise during the rack and pinion transmission process, and the roof window system is closed without gaps. In summer, check the blockage and damage of the fan water curtain and the surrounding and top cover materials.

Maintenance of multi-span agriculture film greenhouse

After the greenhouse has been used for a period of time, it needs to be maintained. Let’s introduce the daily maintenance of the greenhouse.

1. Regular greenhouse maintenance, regular records of the loose frame, support rust, film damage, etc., and the acquisition and purchase of related maintenance objects. Reasonable records are also very helpful for future maintenance.

2. Generally, when the multi-span agriculture film greenhouse is used for a long time, the film will be contaminated by dust and the light transmittance will be greatly reduced. According to the pollution situation in various regions, attention should be paid to cleaning the membrane layer of the multi-span membrane greenhouse regularly to maintain the light transmittance of the membrane. Especially for the plastic shed in winter, the cleaning time should be in the sunny noon and high-temperature afternoon. When cleaning, you can use a homemade long soft brush, spray pressure water to the top of the greenhouse with a hose, and use a triangular ladder for a period of cleaning. Or scaffolding.

3. Note that in the process of using the greenhouse, unstable installation or use time may cause the film to loosen, and it will float up and down under the action of wind, which is easy to damage the film. Reinforcement measures should be taken as far as possible to repair leakage in time. If you find that the film is loose, you should generally tighten it and install it in time. When used for a long time, film breakage is inevitable, but it should be repaired in time. The related special plastic patch can also be used for a new film in the coverage area.

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