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Matters needing attention of multi-span glass greenhouse


A glass greenhouse is a greenhouse with glass as the main transparent covering material. It has a long service life and is suitable for many regions and many climates. Different plants are grown in various greenhouses. In cultivation facilities, glass greenhouses, as a form of long service life, are suitable for use in a variety of regions and various climatic conditions.

Multi-span glass greenhouse this structure has a larger internal bending distance and uses more structures. The four structural forms use 12-14kg/m2 steel per unit area, or even higher. Tie rods are often added to the portal frame roof structure to reduce the internal bending moment of the structure so that the stress distribution in the structure is more uniform, and it is helpful to give full play to the role of the structure.

Multi-span glass greenhouse the truss structure of the roof beam structure follows the traditional structural form of civil construction. With this structure, the cross-sectional size of the components can be greatly reduced, and the span of the smart glass greenhouse can be extended to more than 10 meters. The maximum span structure of the greenhouse can reach 21-24m, which greatly increases the internal space of the greenhouse. Some exhibition greenhouses, breeding greenhouses, etc. often use this structure.

The roof beam of the roof composite beam structure adopts trusses, and the tie rods and web members adopt simple steel pipes or section steels. The smart glass greenhouse greatly improves the carrying capacity of the glass greenhouse, and the glass greenhouse can also be made into a large-span form.

Matters needing attention of multi-span glass greenhouse

1. Minimize the climbing of smart glass greenhouses and other artificially increasing loads on the greenhouses. If the load of the newly built vegetable greenhouses is too heavy, especially in windy and rainy weather, the greenhouse skeleton will not be able to bear it, resulting in the greenhouse skeleton Cracks, breaks, and even collapses;

2. After the rain washes, a hollow gap will be formed in the heel of the smart glass greenhouse. Once the scaffolding is found, it should be compacted in time.

3. During the use of the multi-span glass greenhouse, the greenhouse film is most easily damaged, so it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the greenhouse film. Do not collide with sharp objects on the shuttle membrane to avoid scratching the peeling membrane.

4. After the construction of the multi-span glass greenhouse is completed, the greenhouse may be tilted due to loose soil. Once the frame is found, it should be straightened in time.

5. At present, all greenhouse buildings use steel frames, but the steel frames are easy to rust, so attention should be paid to applying anti-rust paint on the steel frames.


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