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Method for cultivating orchid from coconut shell


Soilless cultivation cocopeat coir cultivation can grow orchids. Not only does it have high nutritional value, but also has high moisture retention and permeability, so there is no need to worry about rotten roots. In addition, adding some charcoal to the coconut shell block has a more significant effect and has the effect of repelling poisonous insects. Therefore, the coconut shell block can be used to cultivate orchids.

Soilless cultivation cocopeat coir cultivation is rich in nutrients, and the moisture retention and air permeability of the coconut shell block are relatively high. No matter how much water is poured, there is no need to worry about water accumulation in the basin, so it is used to grow orchids. The most suitable.

Adding the right amount of charcoal to the mashed coconut shell block to cultivate orchids will have a more significant effect. It can make the roots grow stronger and have a stronger absorption capacity. It is rich in phosphorus, potassium, and calcium, which can make the flower buds grow more. It also has the effect of prolonging the flowering period, so during the growth of the orchid, you only need to spray some nutrient solution regularly without fertilizing.

Method for cultivating orchid from coconut shell

1. Mash and disinfect
First, mash the coconut shell blocks into small pieces, the smaller the better, the size is about 1 cm is the most suitable, it is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients by the orchid, its effect will be more significant, after mashing, place it in the sun for 6 hours. Kill all bacteria and viruses attached to the coconut shell block.

2. Planting
Put the mashed and disinfected coconut shell block into the flowerpot, fill it to 2 cm of the flowerpot, and then put the orchid into it. The rest can be added to the cultivation substrate. If you have charcoal in your home, it is best to use the cultivation substrate Adding some can have the effect of preventing pests and diseases.

3. Watering
After planting, you need to water the root water once, and then place it in the astigmatic place. You can do without water within 7 days after planting. After that, you can water according to the orchid’s ability to absorb water. Generally, you can water it every 7 days. Water, if the orchid grows slowly, you can also add some nutrient solution.

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