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Multi span glass greenhouse

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
2000 Square Meters 500-999 Square Meters CN¥425.03
Port: Qingdao,tianjin,lianyungang
Supply Ability:
Payments: Visa,On line bank payment,Pat later
Type: Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses
Dimension: 8m 9.6m 12m
Weight: 10-100m
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Certification: SGS Certified
Applicable Industries: Planting vegetable, for example, tomato, cucumber, peper, chilli, leaf vegetable, etc.

Basic Info.

Multi-span glass greenhouse is a greenhouse equipment commonly used in agricultural production. The equipment is not only widely used, but also beautiful in appearance, which brings great convenience to users’ agricultural production. So now it is not only widely used in agricultural production, but also used in gardens, sightseeing, and other industries.


Important work of daily management of glass greenhouse

1. External shading system

That is, the remaining sunlight is shielded outside the greenhouse, forming a shade to protect the crops in the greenhouse, and the temperature in the greenhouse is maintained at a suitable temperature. This can effectively block direct sunlight crops, together with without affecting the natural ventilation in the greenhouse, the cooling effect is better than the inner shade, but the outer shade material is required to be strong, economical, less stretchable, and anti-aging.

2. Micro mist system

The first is to spray the water into the shed in the form of mist particles. Such mist particles evaporate quickly, can quickly take away the heat in the air, and then discharge the humid air outside the greenhouse and then reach the intention of rapid cooling. At the same time, a forced draft fan is installed on the side of the greenhouse to cool down. It can achieve the cooling effect of the temperature curtain, the temperature is relatively uniform, and the service life is longer than the temperature curtain.

3.White roofing

The white reflection effect is good. A white coating is formed on the surface of the greenhouse, which can reflect the sunlight well and block a large amount of heat energy from entering the shed. Moreover, it can also convert the yangguan that enters the shed into scattered light beneficial to the crops, which is extremely beneficial to the growth of the crops.

4.Groundwater circulation

Using the underground cold water to circulate through the surface cooler, and adding an induced draft fan, the cooling effect at night can be achieved, and the air humidity in the greenhouse is not added together. You can also use groundwater resources, plus the temperature-raising unit, which can not only cool and heat, but also protect the environment and save energy, but the current cost is too high.

5.Cooling of wet curtain

Wet curtain cooling is a process in which outside high-temperature air passes through a wet curtain, humidifies and cools down, and forms a cool wind. The cool wind passes through the controlled room to absorb residual heat and then is discharged outside. It mainly uses the transpiration of water to cool down, because the transpiration of water needs to absorb heat so that it can take away some of the heat in the shed, start the electric fan together, draw out the hot air flow in the greenhouse and then cool down.

6. Ventilation

There are three main advantages of adopting the passing method: First, the residual heat in the shed is removed and the temperature is reduced. The second is to remove the remaining moisture in the shed and reduce the humidity. The third is to adjust the content of indoor air components and increase the content of carbon dioxide in the air to add photosynthetic effects. Together, we should pay attention to increase the ventilation area. Continuous butterfly windows that can be used on the top of the greenhouse can increase the ventilation area of ​​the surrounding side windows. In this way, in the spring and autumn season is not too hot, the air passing through the side windows and the top window is naturally convected to achieve the cooling effect.

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