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Points for attention in constructing the greenhouse

Time: 2021.02.26
With the needs of users, greenhouses are now used more and more widely in agriculture. But for some users, some problems always arise because they don’t know it very well when constructing greenhouses. Let me introduce to you what points need to be paid attention to when constructing greenhouses, so as to make better use of greenhouses. Points for attention in constructing the greenhouse Farmer friends need to pay attention to the following four points when constructing greenhouses: 1. Lack of drainage system in the rainy season Many f...

Precautions for the use of tractor electric fertilizer spreader

Time: 2021.02.23
Tractor electric fertilizer spreader is used for high-quality, large-area, and high-efficiency spreading operations. It can be easily used for spreading base fertilizer before plowing, seeding after plowing, mixed seeding of grassland and pasture, and spreading snow melting agent after snow. Wait for homework. The machine is equipped with the rear suspension of a 25-55 horsepower four-wheel tractor. It is suitable for planting and fertilizing in areas with different conditions such as flat farmland, grassland, slope land, and hilly areas in ...

How does the corn threshing/maize sheller machine perform threshing?

Time: 2021.01.29
Mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine is a new type of small corn processing equipment developed by a large corn threshing machine. It can be assembled on agricultural vehicles or tractors for use, which improves the mobility and flexibility of use, and at the same time yields Significantly improved. Mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine feed is automatic feeding to reduce labor costs. Corn cob and corn are separated completely and cleanly. Compared with other corn peeling and threshing machines, the production output is much higher....

Safety tips of rice and wheat threshing machine

Time: 2021.01.26
With the modernization of rural machinery, diesel or electric motor large rice and wheat threshing machine, as a helper for farmers, is widely used in agriculture. Because the working environment of the thresher is very harsh, it is necessary to carry out safe operation education for the personnel participating in the operation in advance to make them understand the operating procedures and safety common sense, such as tight sleeves, masks, and protective glasses. Diesel or electric motor large rice and wheat threshing machine has become an ...

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of multi-function reaper binder

Time: 2021.01.19
Walking tractor-mounted multi-function reaper binder is very popular among farmers for its compact model, flexible movement, low power consumption, good work quality, and high production efficiency. However, mechanical equipment will inevitably have some problems in the long-term operation. We should correctly understand the causes and troubleshooting methods of these failures, so as not to delay production and cause unnecessary losses. Common faults and troubleshooting methods of multi-function reaper binder 1. The roller is blocked Remedy...

The performance advantage of knapsack corn automatic corn harvester

Time: 2021.01.15
As one of the main crops in my country and even in the world, corn harvesting is the heaviest in the entire production process from sowing, field management, and harvesting. According to the development progress of agricultural mechanization, there is an urgent need for a corn ear that can be harvested and chopped. Corn harvester with straw. The knapsack corn automatic corn harvester developed and developed by our factory in accordance with the wishes of the majority of farmers’ friends has been favored by the majority of farmers’...

Technical points of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics

Time: 2021.01.13
Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics is deep-flow hydroponics, which consists of a plating tank, a planting plate or a planting basket, a reservoir, and a circulating fluid supply system. It has a deep nutrient solution layer and the plants are suspended by the planting plate or planting basket. Above the nutrient solution level, and the root system extends from the planting plate or the planting net basket into the nutrient solution. Using DFT hydroponic technology for strawberry cultivation has the following advantages. Soilless cultivatio...

Structure and composition of the tractor with multi-function peanut harvester

Time: 2021.01.13
Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester adopts a brand-new structure, powered by a tractor, with a reasonable structure design, and cleverly integrates the vibrating soil loosening shovel and the vibrating conveying and separating mechanism. This equipment can complete the digging, clearing, and laying of garlic and peanuts, and other crops at one time. The transmission system drives the seedling grabber, soil conveyor belt, and seedling harvesting belt to rotate to realize automatic harvesting of peanuts, which can save farmers from he...
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