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Notes on glass greenhouse customized aluminum profile


Aluminum is the core component of the glass greenhouse. In the new era and new development, in order to meet the needs of high-end glass greenhouses, aluminum profiles continue to innovate and develop in the footsteps of the technology of the times. Make more, better, and newer aluminum materials serve the needs of different greenhouse construction.

The assembly type of greenhouse aluminum is relatively strong, and it has the characteristics of a simple and convenient installation. As large as the use of greenhouse aluminum gutters, as small as a small aluminum connector in the greenhouse, there is a set of standardized production operation procedures. Large-scale use of aluminum in greenhouses can produce obvious economic benefits in the long run. How is the processing fee of aluminum profile less expensive? General company profile cutting, punching and tapping, cutting corners, processing surface granular burrs, and surface treatment all require processing fees. Therefore, the quotation for greenhouse aluminum profiles can be measured according to the effect of the product and the processing cost.

Aluminum profiles are one of the indispensable equipment in the construction of greenhouses. In the process of continuous development, greenhouses apply various technological innovations and then make changes, pushing the development of the agricultural industry to the peak of development. Aluminum profiles have played a key role in the development of greenhouses to high-end. Therefore, in the construction of the greenhouse, the specifications of aluminum profiles must be selected. In order to meet the needs of greenhouse construction, greenhouse aluminum profiles have formed a series of specifications and models, including glass greenhouse customized aluminum profile, solar panel greenhouse aluminum profile, sunshade transmission aluminum profile, general aluminum profile, and so on.

As smart greenhouses gradually enter the Chinese market, the development prospects of special aluminum profiles for greenhouses are immeasurable. Hexie greenhouse aluminum profiles are a new star in the industry. Combining market demand and user needs for production and processing, 50,000 square meters of greenhouse aluminum can be shipped on the same day goods.

For greenhouses that use aluminum profiles for greenhouses, multi-span all-glass greenhouses and multi-span PC solar panel greenhouses, or a type of greenhouse that combines two covering materials, generally use aluminum in large quantities.
For greenhouses that use PC solar panels or glass as covering materials, aluminum alloy profiles are widely used because of their lightweight, high strength, and can be designed into complex cross-sections to give full play to various performances. They are used as covering materials for support, connection, and sealing. Of aluminum alloy profiles.
Lightweight aluminum is an important means of energy-saving and emission reduction in greenhouses, and lightweight will inevitably lead to a large number of applications of aluminum alloys in greenhouses.

Notes on glass greenhouse customized aluminum profile

Although aluminum has various advantages, Hexie still reminds users to pay attention to the following points when designing and constructing greenhouse projects:
1. The shading area of ​​the aluminum alloy profile components should be minimized to allow more light to enter the greenhouse.
2. The aluminum alloy profile member as the supporting member of the covering material should be able to meet the requirements of bearing capacity and deformation.
3. The sealing and the treatment of rainwater leakage and condensate should be considered in the design.
4. The aluminum alloy profile should be easy to install.

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