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Operation points of rice-wheat rice mill machine


Rice-wheat rice mill machine mainly uses the extensive mechanical force of mechanical equipment to peel and whiten brown rice. When the brown rice flows from the hopper into the whitening chamber, the brown rice is squeezed in the whitening chamber due to the internal pressure of the pressing thallium and the mechanical force. After self-friction and the rubbing between the brown rice and the grinding wheel, the skin layer of the brown rice can be quickly removed, and the level of whiteness measured by the white rice can be reached within a certain time of adjustment.

The most notable feature of the Hexie rice-wheat rice mill machine: It is equipped with spray and suction devices, which can separate rice, bran, and broken rice at one time. The finished product is white and smooth, with a low broken rice rate. Low power consumption, large output, beautiful appearance, compact structure, less land occupation, convenient operation, and maintenance, etc. This model is very suitable for home users. The lighting voltage is 220V and the matching motor is 2.2-3kw. Foreign users can customize special voltage and current motors according to their requirements.

Structure of rice-wheat rice mill machine

Rice-wheat rice mill machine is mainly composed of four parts: rice mill, grinder, motor, frame, etc. The rice mill is mainly composed of cover, middle base, base, rice roll, rice sieve, rice knife, and It is composed of material half, sliding screen, belt pulley, and adjusting device. The crusher is mainly composed of a feeding half, a shell of the crusher, and a discharge hopper. Two-machine combination, one machine for multiple purposes.

Operation points of rice-wheat rice mill machine

1. Wiring requirements: This machine cannot be shared with the original lighting circuit. It must be connected directly from the main power switch with a copper wire or aluminum wire of more than 4 square millimeters. Plug seats cannot be used. It is recommended to use a knife switch above 10A.

2. Operation method: carefully check whether the fasteners of each part of the machine are loose before starting up, open the cover to check whether the gap between the rollers is correct. Generally, the gap between the rice knife and the tip of the rice roll tendon is about 3 mm at the beginning of the milling tendon and about 2.5 millimeters at the end of the milling tendon.

3. Close the switch, stand by for 1 to 3 minutes idling. If the operation is normal, it can be processed. When opening the feeder, you should slowly pull it out to make the machine gradually increase the load, otherwise, the sudden increase may cause the machine to block the car.

4. When the machine is stopped in the middle, the feed inlet should be closed first, and the machine should be stopped after the rice milling room is finished.

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