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Operation precautions of knapsack corn automatic corn harvester


Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester is the most mature corn harvesting machine in my country. It has the largest quantity in the Chinese market. It can be directly installed on a single-cylinder/four-wheel tractor with 18-30 horsepower. The equipment is easy to operate It is flexible and multi-purpose. It can be installed on a tractor to harvest corn during busy periods of farming, and it can be dismantled in free time without delaying the normal use of the tractor. This machine can complete harvesting, picking ears, peeling, straw crushing, and returning to the field in one time. It can also add straw baling and other tasks as needed, which is ideal equipment for corn harvesting. Henan HeXie Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of knapsack corn harvesting machinery, with many years of production experience and a large user group, please rest assured to buy.

Working principle of knapsack corn automatic corn harvester

Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester is mainly composed of ear picking device, conveying device, storage device, hydraulic lifter, etc. During operation, the corn harvester advances along the direction of the corn ridge. While picking the ears, the cutting knife cuts off the corn stalks and smashes them back into the field. The ears enter the bin through the conveyor to complete the entire harvesting process. The separation of power is when the driver operates the hydraulic lifting system of the tractor. After the main engine is raised to the position where it is staying, the two B-type triangle belts will stop rotating, cutting off the power input of the diesel engine, and realizing the separation of power. The conveyor belt will stop rotating. Otherwise, it will be in a working rotation state.

Operation precautions of knapsack corn automatic corn harvester

1. The operator of the corn harvester should operate the hydraulic handle flexibly, adjust the height of the header and the height of the cutting machine from the ground in time to avoid the straw crusher hitting the soil or the guide rail, and the demoulding roller colliding with hard objects.

2. Regularly clean the tractor radiator equipped with the corn harvester and add cooling water to prevent the engine water temperature from becoming too high.

3. When Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester is doing harvesting work, keep the machine running until the straw is completely crushed.

4. The troubleshooting, debris removal, maintenance, and inspection of the corn harvester must be carried out after the equipment is completely shut down.

5. When repairing the failure of the transmission and moving parts of the cleaning roller, reel chain, chopper, open gear, sprocket, chain, etc., no one is allowed to rotate the transmission mechanism.

6. During operation, first try to cut with a low gear. If everything is normal, raise the gear appropriately. After harvesting for a certain distance, stop the machine to check the harvest quality, observe whether the adjustment of each part is appropriate, and enter normal operation when there is no abnormal phenomenon. In order to facilitate the passage of unloading personnel, open a lane in the middle of the ground, and then cut the ground cover to facilitate the turning of the ground cover.

7. Clean and unload ears in time to avoid unloading when overflowing or clogging.

8. Put down the Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester and re-run it. The speed of the diesel engine in front of the harvester should be stable at the normal working speed. Speeding work is strictly prohibited.

9. During the operation, the operator should observe and listen to the operation of each part of the corn harvester at any time. If there is any abnormality, stop immediately and troubleshoot. No faulty operations are allowed.

10. In the state of turning, community transfer, or long-distance idling transportation, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply of the backpack corn harvester. During long-distance walking or transportation, the head and chopper should be hung on the rear suspension and can only be driven at a medium speed.

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