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Operation steps of hydroponic tomato growing system


Hydroponics technology has a long history of cultivation in China. At present, hydroponics technology can mainly hydroponic a variety of vegetables, the most common ones are leafy vegetables, which are easier to hydroponic. But vegetables like tomatoes can also be cultivated in aqueous solutions, and even simple hydroponics can be done at home. How to operate it, let me introduce the operation steps of rock wool hydroponic tomato growing system.

Operation steps of hydroponic tomato growing system

1. Seed soaking
Soak the seeds in 5°C hot water to accelerate germination, keep stirring to avoid scalding, and then soak the seeds in 25°C warm water. When the seeds are soaked and swell, they can be wrapped in a clean damp cloth and placed in a ventilated place for germination. Block most of the light. Then wait for germination, about 2 to 3 days.

2. Configure the culture medium
Use clean water and a prepared nutrient solution, usually 707 grams of calcium nitrate, add 10 liters of water, and stir well. Then mix 404.2 grams of potassium nitrate, 260.7 grams of potassium sulfate, 40 grams of ammonium nitrate and 152.1 grams of magnesium sulfate, and add 10 liters of water. Then put clear water in the nutrient tank, then pour the first solution, add water and stir until it reaches 0.8t, then pour the second configuration solution, add water, and stir, and then no water is added when it reaches 1t.

3. Cultivation device
Prepare a rock wool hydroponic tomato growing system. The container that needs to be cultured, the nutrient tank, and some facilities for adding a solution, and the solution can be recycled, so there must be a special circulating equipment pipeline. The second is that a certain amount of oxygen is required in the nutrient solution, and then there must be aeration equipment. After the tomato grows up, it needs some support to support the growth of the plant. Can be fixed with iron wire.

4. Nursery and planting
First use the seedling tray to grow seedlings, generally, put a seed into a hole, sow into the medium, then take out the seedlings after emergence, clean the roots of the seedlings, and put them in the holes of the cultivation bed, usually underneath the nutrient trough. Then it will work.

5. Management
To grow to a certain height, pruning is required. Generally, double stems are reserved, one branch has two growth points, and strong side branches are reserved. It is enough to keep branches step by step. You can adjust the number of branches. Sometimes extra-root topdressing is needed for nutrient supply. Generally, topdressing is done once every half a month. You can also decide whether to add topdressing according to tomato growth.

Rock wool hydroponic tomato growing system mainly uses the nutrient solution to recycle to grow tomatoes, which can reduce diseases and improve tomato quality. However, the cost of hydroponic greenhouse cultivation is relatively high and it is suitable for green vegetable cultivation.

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