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Points for attention in constructing the greenhouse


With the needs of users, greenhouses are now used more and more widely in agriculture. But for some users, some problems always arise because they don’t know it very well when constructing greenhouses. Let me introduce to you what points need to be paid attention to when constructing greenhouses, so as to make better use of greenhouses.

Points for attention in constructing the greenhouse

Farmer friends need to pay attention to the following four points when constructing greenhouses:
1. Lack of drainage system in the rainy season
Many farmers did not consider the problem of drainage of waterlogging in the greenhouse when they built their sheds and did not have preventive measures. When it rains heavily in summer, the rainwater left on the shed surface collects at the “front face” of the shed, and there is no place to flow. People are not removed, and there is even a phenomenon that the front of the greenhouse is washed away. The correct method is to dig a drainage ditch at the front face of the shed that runs east-west to the same length as the greenhouse. The drainage ditch is about half a meter wide and about 30 cm deep. So that the water left on the surface of the shed can flow away at any time to prevent water from entering the shed.

2. The distance between the last two rows of columns is too large
Between the rear two rows of uprights in the greenhouse, the shed surface on the top is often the part where the rolled straw and roller shutters are parked. This part can be said to be a place subject to high pressure, which often deforms the upper skeleton. The distance between the two rows of uprights should be as small as possible and should be about 80 cm, with only a concrete trench and pedestrian path running east-west.

3. Too little space between the two sheds
In order to save the land, some farmers have made the distance between the two sheds too narrow, and some even have only about 2 meters, leaving hidden dangers for the greenhouses. In winter, the front greenhouse will provide too much shade to the back, which makes the growth of vegetables in the first half of the greenhouse unfavorable. Secondly, it is more harmful to drainage. When it snows in winter, the snow sweeping shed may not pile up. Therefore, the correct distance between the two sheds should be 4-5 meters, so that they will not shade each other, but also prevent wind.

4. Lack of protection measures for the back slope
Some farmer friends did not cover the part of the back slope so that it was often washed away by rain in summer, which affected the useful life of the greenhouse. Although some shantymen covered the back slope with a layer of plastic sheeting, they were often exposed after the wind and the sun in less than a year. Therefore, a layer of plastic cloth should be wrapped on the back slope of the greenhouse, and then a layer of non-woven fabric should be placed on the outside. Seal it with steel wire every 10 meters or so, so that it can be guaranteed for about five years without any major problems.

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