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Precautions before tractor mounted potato harvester work


Tractor mounted potato harvester is suspended from the rear of the farm tractor through a suspension device and is powered by the tractor. Before harvesting, the potato seedlings need to be chopped with a seedling machine. When the harvester is driven by the tractor, the potato, potato seedlings, and The soil was shoveled up by the digging shovel. As the machine moves forward, the shoveled potatoes, potato seedlings, and soil are transported to the top of the conveying and separating device. The separating device produces orderly shaking due to the continuous rotation of the shaking device, and the potato seedlings above the separating device follow the protection the rotating movement of the winding device moves to the conveyor chain. After two stages of separation, the soil adhered to the surface of the potato is gradually removed due to the shaking of the conveyor chain. The harvested potatoes move to the end of the conveyor chain and then pass through the tail screen and spread to the ground. To facilitate drying and picking up.

Precautions before tractor-mounted potato harvester work

1. Tractor mounted potato harvester before entering the field, check whether there is enough lubricating oil in the tractor gearbox and the potato harvester gearbox. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, fill the gearbox in time. The potato harvester must be connected to the tractor before use. There is a universal joint with a square shaft behind the gearbox of the tractor. Move the tractor or harvester to insert the square shaft into the square tube, and the square shaft can slide in the square tube.

2. Tractor mounted potato harvester can not only be used to harvest potatoes, as long as rhizome plants can be harvested using a potato harvester, this not only saves a lot of labor and time but also saves unnecessary expenses on agricultural machinery. Farmer friends have lightened a lot of burdens. The realization of potato mechanized production will help promote the development of potato production and accelerate the process of potato industrialization. It is an important aspect of the transformation of agricultural production methods from quantity to quality and efficiency.

3. Before harvesting potatoes, when the stems and leaves on the ground have not withered, the method of pressing seedlings can be used. One week before harvest, the plants were overwhelmed with rollers, causing slight wounds, so that the nutrients from the stems and leaves were quickly transferred to the tubers, which played a role in accelerating ripening and increasing yield. Another method is to cut seedlings. Two to three days before harvest, the ground plants were cut down by mechanically killing seedlings, and the remaining branches and leaves in the field were removed to prevent the spread of pathogens. The stubble was 10-20 cm, which is conducive to the evaporation of soil moisture and facilitates the harvest.

4. Choose a sunny day for harvest, so that the tubers can be properly dried after harvest. The tuber’s epidermis moisture is easy to dry under the bright autumn sunshine, and the tuber with disease bacteria and insects can show the characteristics and characteristics, and it is easy to be found and rejected.


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