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Precautions for installation of tunnel greenhouse


Currently, there are many kinds of greenhouses in our lives. The most common greenhouses are Tunnel greenhouse, glass greenhouse, plastic greenhouse, etc. Let me introduce some knowledge of tunnel greenhouse.

Tunnel greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that has emerged and developed rapidly in the past ten years. Compared with the glass temperature greenhouse, the greenhouse is a cultivation facility with lightweight, less skeleton material consumption, low cost, and long service life. The tunnel greenhouse can be said to be the mainstream facility for room temperature development at present, and the structural dimensions of tunnel greenhouses in different countries are also different. The specific structure and size should be determined according to the actual situation.

Precautions for installation of tunnel greenhouse

The tunnel greenhouse is now widely used, but we still have to pay attention to some things when installing it.
1. The shed supports the concrete support rods at both ends of the cement shed, two long and two short, that is, two short support rods are aligned with the connecting rods.

2. The shed foot enters the soil in place. The soil at the edge of the shed foot will generally decline year by year due to farming, which will make the shed foot shallower and cause the greenhouse to tilt. Therefore, the depth of the shed foot must reach the standard of 40 cm.

3. Tighten the connecting rods tightly. The three connecting rods and the frame of the greenhouse are fastened tightly with iron wires. Some use bamboo poles as connecting rods, but the bamboo poles will loosen due to drying and shrinkage. Therefore, it should be checked frequently and tied at any time. Tightly and replace once every 2-3 years to prevent the bamboo poles from aging and the greenhouse tilts.

Precautions for regular maintenance of tunnel greenhouse

1. Maintenance of the shed film. During the use of the greenhouse, be careful not to hit the shed film with sharp objects to avoid scratching the shed film.
2. Scaffolding maintenance The steel-frame greenhouse should be painted with anti-rust paint once a year, paying particular attention to rusty parts and rusty connecting parts.
3. Maintenance of the ground anchor line and press film belt. If the ground anchor line and press film belt are loose or broken, they should be fastened and replaced in time.

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