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Precautions for the application of soilless cultivation drip irrigation system


Soilless culture refers to a cultivation method in which natural soil is not used but a substrate is used or only the substrate is used for seedling cultivation, and the nutrient solution is used for irrigation after planting. Since soilless cultivation can artificially create a good rhizosphere environment to replace the soil environment, it can effectively prevent soil continuous cropping diseases and physiological obstacles caused by soil salt accumulation, and fully meet the needs of crops for environmental conditions such as mineral nutrition, moisture, and gas. The basic materials used for cultivation can be recycled, so it has the characteristics of saving water, fertilizer, labor, high yield, and high quality.

Requirements to be met by the selection of drip irrigation system for soilless culture

1. The drip irrigation system must be reliable, especially the equipment that automatically regulates the concentration and pH of the nutrient solution is of good quality, accuracy, and reliability. If the automatic control equipment cannot purchase quality assurance products, manual control should be used.
2. The liquid must be supplied in a timely manner. This aspect refers to the strict requirements for quality assurance and equipment maintenance that the drip irrigation system equipment can always be kept in good condition. On the other hand, it refers to how long the storage of the liquid source can be maintained. For example, in the absence of a large-capacity nutrient solution tank, the origin of tap water is guaranteed to be uninterrupted.
3. The flow rate of the dripper in the soilless culture should be uniform. If it is not uniform, it will cause uneven growth of crops and even cause harm. The uniformity coefficient of the flow rate of the dripper should be above 0.95.
4. The dripper requires strong resistance to blocking, convenient disassembly of the equipment, and easy cleaning.
5. The filter equipment should be effective, it should not be easy to show the blocking of the liquid flow, and the cleaning should be convenient.

Precautions for the application of soilless cultivation drip irrigation system

1. Use higher fertilizers and prevent the use of nutrient solutions made from materials with insoluble impurities.
2. Nutrient solution pools and tanks should always remove impurities and sediments.
3. To check the operation status of the drip irrigation system regularly to prevent clogging and uneven flow, clean the filter in time to facilitate the smooth flow of water.
Generally, flush the drip irrigation system with clean water every 3 to 5 days. If it is blocked by a small section of a dripper with a water resistance tube, a needle can be used. If the hair tube dripper is blocked, it must be removed and cleaned with acid. If it is severely blocked, it is unnecessary to discard it.
4. If the liquid is supplied by a manual opening and closing valve, the guard cannot leave the post before the liquid is supplied to avoid excessive supply.

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