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Precautions for the construction of leisure/sightseeing greenhouse


Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse, also known as an ecological series greenhouse, belongs to a series of complete service concepts of ecological sightseeing, play, and vacation. The use of ecological sightseeing greenhouse design can better show it, and at the same time, we will focus on providing you with assistance related to this in terms of the characteristics of the sightseeing ecological greenhouse, so as to improve greenhouse utilization and greenhouse processing protection in many aspects. And other utilization performance.

The advantages of leisure/sightseeing greenhouse construction and protection have become you and everyone’s use. The system provides greenhouse construction, the use of greenhouse materials and the key features include ecological greenhouse processing protection and ecological greenhouse material use. The main aspects of construction, installation, and protection are shown in the following points.

Precautions for the construction of leisure/sightseeing greenhouse

1. Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse construction, full-effect greenhouse material construction
Focus on the use of greenhouse materials and greenhouse processing protection. The value expression of the fuel-efficiency use of greenhouses has become an effective way to enhance the value of greenhouse materials, the basic installation and use of greenhouses, and the improvement of ecological greenhouse materials. At the same time, greenhouse construction, installation and utilization value, greenhouse surface performance advantages, and overall use of various greenhouses, etc., are also helpful in certain aspects.

2. Use safe and durable greenhouse frame support
In addition, the leisure/sightseeing greenhouse construction is also quite aimed at greenhouse construction and greenhouse protection, and it has played a more diverse value to help service. For your scientific and more efficient display of the value of the greenhouse, it is also quite effective in this aspect. The mainframe is made of fully hot-dip galvanized rectangular steel, no electric welding is used, and bolted assembly is used to ensure high corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance in high temperature and high humidity environment. In addition to related accessories, the cost of this item is between 90-100 yuan. At present, most greenhouse manufacturers and greenhouse production processes are equivalent to generating comprehensive value. In the process of using basic equipment, ecological greenhouse construction, and greenhouse construction On the one hand, a certain material for the installation equipment is also required.

3. Outdoor shading system
The Leisure/sightseeing greenhouse shading system is a more important point for the use of the greenhouse in summer. Due to the current greenhouse construction, the high summer temperature, and the long sunshine time at the same time, the high temperature causes the temperature inside the greenhouse to be higher. Therefore, it is necessary to have Different greenhouses are shading. At present, our common methods are greenhouse shading screens, fan wet curtains, circulation fans, and heat preservation and cooling devices, which are used for the scientific and reasonable display of related content and help, in certain use transfer floors, Will also give full play to the performance in terms of high performance and excellent environmental equipment.

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