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Precautions in the homework of tractor mounted peanut harvester


Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land is a peanut and garlic universal harvester carefully researched and developed by our company after many tests. Since its launch on the market, this machine has a small size and lightweight, easy installation and disassembly, simple operation, and almost crazy work efficiency. , Well received by users. The peanut harvester is powered by a handcart, which can be matched with all handcarts with chain drive in the market.

Advantages of tractor mounted peanut harvester

Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land is fully automatic and neatly laid and harvested. The neatness of placement is more than manual. The harvest is clean and thorough. There is no soil and no fruit. It liberates the farmers from heavy manual labor. This machine is free Debug the model, buy it, and use it after installation.
1: Automatically and neatly pave and harvest, excavate, transport, shake soil and pave at one time, saving labor
2: Crazy work efficiency, harvesting 3 to 5 mu per hour
3: Strong versatility, one machine with multiple uses, suitable for ridged peanuts and sandy land (no ridges can be used), suitable for different planting patterns across the country, and can be used on plains, large plots, and small hilly and mountainous plots.
4: Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land is of high quality. The excavating blades and drive chains of this machine are all specially made, with high abrasion resistance and strength. The general user replaces the blades once every two years. The chain can be replaced by the buckle, and the cost is low.
5: Scientific and reasonable design, using gear and chain transmission, stable operation without power loss, and can work all-weather.
6: The digging depth can be adjusted. This machine is equipped with a manual depth adjustment device, which is convenient and quick.
7: Independent clutch separation system, easy to operate, simple and practical
8: Easy to install and disassemble, it can be installed and disassembled in 10 minutes

Technical parameters of tractor mounted peanut harvester

1: Supporting power, walking tractor
2: Transmission mode, traction by hand car
3: Power speed, 540—–720 revolutions per minute
4: Work efficiency, 3-5 mu per hour
5: Laying form, neatly laid sideways
6: Overall dimensions, length * width * height-1.3 meters * 0.68 meters * 0.7 meters
7: Machine weight, 88 kg

Precautions in the homework of tractor mounted peanut harvester

1. During the operation of Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land, the driver should master the running route.
2. When the machine is operating, an assistant is required to assist in observing the operation. When a problem is found, the operator should be notified so that the machine can be adjusted in time.
3. When working on a working width and reaching the ground, first cut off the rear output power of the small harvester, and then raise the machine tool to turn. The tool should be dropped slowly, and the tool should not be damaged by a sudden drop.
4. When harvesting to the ground, check whether the excavating shovel is blocked or not. If there is too much soil or grass, remove the debris from the excavating and separating parts in time.

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