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Product advantages of aeroponics hydroponic system


Commercial aeroponics hydroponic system is a new technique of crop cultivation developed in recent decades. Crops are not cultivated in the soil, but in mineral-soluble aqueous solutions (nutrient fluids), or in some kind of cultivation matrix, crops are cultivated with nutrient fluids. As long as there are certain cultivation equipment and some management measures, the crops can grow normally and get a high yield.

Because the natural soil is not used, and the nutrient solution is watered to cultivate the crops, so it is called soilless cultivation. Soilless cultivation is characterized by artificially created crop root growth environment to replace the soil environment, it can not only meet the needs of crops on nutrients, water, air, and other conditions, but also the requirements of these conditions to control regulation, in order to promote better crop growth, and obtain better nutrition growth in the reproductive growth balance.

Therefore, commercial aeroponics hydroponic systems usually grow well, have high yields, and are of superior quality. Soilless cultivation has been separated from the limitation of soil, greatly expanded the space of agricultural production, so that crops can be produced in a barren land, the development prospects are very wide. At present, almost all plant factories use the soilless cultivation model. Flower.

Commercial aeroponics hydroponic system is a vertical aeroponic planting system and consist of a number of cultivation parts and a planting baskets, eight cultivation subjects are combined into a circle, stacked together and placed on the water pipe, then cover the top.
The cultivation part is a planting area, and the nutrient solution drips from the top through the main body diversion plate of each layer to the planting, the basket below so as to make the fog keeping the roots wet.

Product advantages of aeroponics hydroponic system

1. Used for planting flowers, vegetables, salad, herbs, fruits, and so on;
2. The water circulation cultivation, saving 90% water compared with traditional planting;
3. Pollution-free soilless cultivation, water, and nutrient solution is necessary;
4. Easy to assemble, very clean;
5. Multiple vertical planting systems can be connected to achieve planting the most quantity in the same area.

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