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Professional Hydroponics Equipment Large Size Glass Greenhouse

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
500 Square Meters 500-999 Square Meters CN¥419.44
Port: Qingdao,tianjin,lianyungang
Supply Ability: No accurate information
Payments: Direct payment from an online Bank,Pay later,On line bank,Visa
Type: Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses, Glass Greenhouse
Dimension: Customized
Weight: Customized
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Certification: SGS Certified
Applicable Industries: Agriculture, commerce, garden, sightseeing

Basic Info.

Hydroponics equipment glass greenhouse can order various types of balconies, indoors, cabinets, large greenhouse plants, and other hydroponic equipment. Glass greenhouse hydroponic planting is a new type of soilless cultivation of plants, also known as nutrient solution culture. This nutrient solution can replace the soil and provide plants with growth factors such as water, nutrients, and oxygen so that plants can grow normally.

Advantages of Hydroponics equipment glass greenhouse

1. The products are of good quality, safe, and sanitary. Leafy vegetables mostly eat the stems and leaves of plants, such as lettuce, chicory, and other leafy vegetables are mainly eaten raw, which requires fresh, clean, and pollution-free products. Spei vegetables are easily contaminated by parasites and bacteria, soiled, and inconvenient to clean. However, hydroponic leaf vegetables are of better quality than soil cultured leaf vegetables, clean, fresh, and tender, with good taste and superior quality. Can be eaten directly.

2. It can be quantified in the plant factory. Leafy vegetables are not easy to store, but in order to meet market demand, annual production is required. Soil cultivation of leafy vegetables requires cumbersome operations such as soil preparation, planting, fertilization, and watering. However, soilless cultivation is very simple, just plant seedlings in the planting holes, and annual cultivation can be carried out on the same site. For example, lettuce can be sown, planted, harvested every day of the year, and produced continuously without interruption. Therefore, the hydroponic method is convenient for cropping arrangements and is suitable for planned and contracted production.

3. Regardless of low and peak seasons, it is less affected by the natural environment. Leafy vegetables generally have short plants, and there is no need to increase support facilities, so the facility investment is less than that of fruit vegetables. Hydroponic vegetables have a short growth cycle and quick turnover. Hydroponics is also a facility production, which grows in a greenhouse and is generally not easily damaged by typhoons. Farmers who can supply fresh vegetables during the typhoon season in coastal areas can often get higher profits.

4. Save fertilizer. There is no need to replace the nutrient solution in the middle. Because the leafy vegetables have a short growth cycle, if no major physiological diseases occur in the middle, it is generally only necessary to prepare the nutrient solution once during the planting from the planting to the harvest, without changing the nutrient solution midway. Due to the long growth period of fruits and vegetables, even if there are no major physiological diseases, in order to ensure the balance of nutrients in the nutrient solution, it is necessary to renew the nutrient solution in half or the full amount.

5. High economic efficiency. Hydroponic leafy vegetables can avoid continuous cropping obstacles, and the multiple cropping index is high. The operating rate of the facility is as high as 20 crops a year, and the economic efficiency of production is high.

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