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Safe use of rice and wheat threshing machine


Diesel or electric motor large rice and wheat threshing machine is used to obtain grains from the grains harvested in the field by mechanical grinding, rubbing, separation, cleaning, etc., and make the grains meet the storage requirements at one time or through auxiliary means A work tool. The rice and wheat thresher is mainly composed of electric motors (or diesel engines), drums, brackets, transmission gears, and other components. The use of rice and wheat thresher greatly reduces the labor intensity of rice and wheat production and also improves the level of agricultural productivity. The multifunctional thresher has convenient threshing and low loss. It has the advantages of easy cleaning and light movement. The surface of this machine has been treated with plastic spraying as a whole, with strong corrosion resistance, which can well meet the requirements for single-plant threshing.

Scope of application of rice and wheat threshing machine

Diesel or electric motor large rice and wheat threshing machine is mainly used for the threshing of wheat, soybeans, barley, rice, sorghum, millet, rape, and other crops, with simple structure, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, and high efficiency. The product has the characteristics of high removal rate and low breakage rate, which can shorten the wheat harvest period and greatly save labor. It is widely used in wheat and rice-producing areas such as rural areas, plains, mid-levels, hills, etc., and is well received by users.

Safe use of rice and wheat threshing machine

Because the thresher is tight and the environment is harsh, the personnel involved in threshing operations must be educated in safe operation, so that they understand the operating procedures and safety common sense, such as tight sleeves, masks, and protective glasses, etc., the thresher is used It is necessary to carefully check whether the rotating and swinging parts are flexible and collision-free. Check whether the adjustment mechanism is normal and the safety facilities are complete and effective. Make sure that there is no debris in the machine, add lubricating oil to all lubricating parts, clean the work site before starting the thresher, and do not place any debris that has nothing to do with threshing. It is forbidden for children to play on the field to avoid accidents. The feeding must be even during work. The wheat should be pushed directly into the drum. Do not push the wheat into the drum with hands or branches or other tools.

For diesel or electric motor large rice and wheat threshing machine, otherwise, it will affect the cleanliness of the grain. Correct operation: continuous and uniform feeding during threshing. Excessive feeding will cause excessive load on the drum, lower speed, lower removal rate, and productivity, more stalks entrained grains, lower threshing quality, and blockage in severe cases Parking and machine damage. Feeding volume is too small, productivity is low, and sometimes it will affect the removal rate. The indicators of clean stripping, quick stripping, less crushing, and low energy consumption are actually mutually restrictive. If it is to be cleaned well, the crushing rate will increase, productivity will also decrease, and energy consumption will increase. With the modernization of machinery in rural areas, corn thresher is a helper for farmers. Because the working environment of the thresher is very harsh, it is necessary to carry out safe operation education for personnel participating in the operation in advance to make them understand the operating procedures and safety common sense, such as sleeves. Tighten up, wear a mask and protective glasses, etc. Flatten the four feet of the device to ensure stability and firmness. To reduce vibration. If the motor is used as power, be sure to check whether the power cord is firmly connected.

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