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Safety tips of rice and wheat threshing machine


With the modernization of rural machinery, diesel or electric motor large rice and wheat threshing machine, as a helper for farmers, is widely used in agriculture. Because the working environment of the thresher is very harsh, it is necessary to carry out safe operation education for the personnel participating in the operation in advance to make them understand the operating procedures and safety common sense, such as tight sleeves, masks, and protective glasses.

Diesel or electric motor large rice and wheat threshing machine has become an indispensable replacement tool in agriculture, reducing human labor. Rice and wheat threshing machine on the market refers to a mechanical device for threshing rice and wheatears. Large-scale rice and wheat threshers are producing more and more products. With the development of technology, there are more and more requirements for rice and wheat threshers. Therefore, the design of large-scale rice and wheat thresher also has clear requirements.

Safety tips of rice and wheat threshing machine

1. Flatten the four feet of the equipment to ensure stability and firmness. To reduce vibration.
2. If the motor is used as power, be sure to check whether the power cord is firmly connected, tightly wrapped, and grounded.
3. Feed the corn cob continuously and evenly, and the feeding amount should be appropriate. Such as intermittent feeding, will affect the production efficiency, too much feeding will cause the machine to jam and overload operation, which will cause burning of the motor and damage to the equipment.
4. The water content of the threshing rice and wheat should not exceed 20%, and the water content is too high to achieve the normal threshing effect.
5. Before the end of the work, the input rice and wheat are completely removed and discharged, and then the machine will stop at no load. It is forbidden to stop with the load.

Design requirements of rice and wheat threshing machine

1. In order to ensure the smooth feeding of rice and wheat ears without blocking the drum, the bottom of the hopper should have a certain inclination, and the entrance into the drum should be biased toward the side where the drum rotates downward.
2. The arrangement of the cob discharge port and the grain discharge port should be kept at a certain distance to avoid mixing of cob and grain.


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