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Significance of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics


Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics is mainly composed of water & fertilizer integrated cultivation bed, a trapezoidal hole foam floating board, and a pneumatic working arm. Planting can be completed by simply putting the seedlings and substrate into the trapezoidal holes on the foam floating board, which has high planting density. This technique has an advantage that the normal planting processes in traditional agriculture, such as seedling uprearing and weeding, could be omitted. The transplanting and harvesting of vegetables are automated by pneumatic arms. Propelled by the X-axis and Y-axis pneumatic arms, the foam floating board rotates on the water and fertilizer integrated bed, which greatly saves time and labor cost.

Significance of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics

Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics by the method of no-cultivation are well-developed, the rhizosphere environment is compatible with soilless culture, and the roots are not damaged after planting. It is easy to survive, and there is no slow seedling period. At the same time, no seedlings can avoid soil seedlings. Soil-borne diseases and nematodes

Advantage of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics

1. Saving land The technology can be used for three-dimensional cultivation, saving space, and can organize land in desert beaches, reef islands, saline-alkali land, etc., without occupying cultivated land.

2. Water-saving, high-efficiency ecological soilless cultivation technology is to pull the micro-spray tube according to the growth of the crop needs a water supply, water consumption is less than one-tenth of traditional planting, and the water use rate is very high, the water-saving effect is very obvious

3. Soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics saving labor The technology is easy to operate, easy to automate production, and intensive production, saving a large number of labor.

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