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Soilless Cultivation DFT Hydroponics

Min. Order / Reference FOB Price
100 Units CN¥70.84
Port: Qingdao,tianjin,lianyungang
Supply Ability: No accurate information
Payments: Visa,On line bank payment,Pat later
Type: Solar Agricultural Greenhouses
Dimension: 100mm*50mm/customized
Weight: customized
Place of Origin: Shandong, China
Certification: SGS Certified
Applicable Industries: Greenhouse Hydroponic Growing Systems

Basic Info.

DFT Hydroponics is a hydroponic cultivation technique in which the root system grows in a deeper nutrient solution. The nutrient solution in the plating tank is even thicker at five to ten centimeters. The crop roots are immersed in the nutrient solution, and the water pump is intermittently turned on to circulate the nutrient solution and supplement the oxygen content in the nutrient solution. DFT Hydroponics can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, loofah, melons, watermelons and cabbages, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, pass vegetables, chives, and other fruits and vegetables.

Advantages of DFT Hydroponics

The biggest advantage of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics is that it has a better buffering ability. The nutrient solution where the root system is located in deeper and the base is larger. The nutrients, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, and moisture in the nutrient solution will not change greatly in a short time. It can have a certain survival ability in the event of sudden power failure or equipment failure, providing a relatively stable growth situation for crops.

It is worth noting that the crop needs to be suspended above the surface of the nutrient solution. The rhizome part does not fight the nutrient solution. The root system can fight the nutrient solution because if the roots are soaked in the nutrient solution, the plant will rot quickly. Other nutrient solutions should be kept active or cycled regularly so that harmful substances can be removed and the oxygen content of the nutrient solution can be increased. The nutrient solution can be homogenized, which is more conducive to the absorption of crop roots.

Features of soilless cultivation DFT hydroponics

1. Deep. The cultivated nutrient solution liquid layer is deep. Therefore, the nutrient solution environment is relatively stable, and the temperature, concentration, pH value, etc. have become longer and smaller, which can provide a more stable environment for plant growth.

2. Hang. Cultivated by DFT technology, the plant is hung on the horizontal surface of the nutrient solution, so that the root neck of the plant leaves the liquid surface, partly exposed in the air, partly immersed in the nutrient solution.

3. Flow. The circulation of a nutrient solution increases the amount of dissolved oxygen, eliminates the accumulation of harmful metabolites in the root system, and improves the nutrient utilization rate.

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