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Structural characteristics of small garden tractor


Our company develops and produces 16-horsepower sitting front dozer, rotary tillage, ditching, backfilling, weeding, Micro tractor/orchard tractor/small garden tractor, relying on diesel engine power transmission and so on. Among them, 16 horsepower and 35 horsepower are moderately large and easy to walk. The machine has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, multiple functions, compact structure, and convenient operation. It is suitable for ordinary farmers. It can rotate 3-4 mu per hour and weed 6-8 mu. The machine is 2.4 meters long and 70 cm high. 85 meters wide, two-year warranty, and lifetime maintenance! High work efficiency, suitable for greenhouses, greenhouses, vegetable plots, orchards. At the same time, it can also meet the various agronomic requirements of different regions such as mountains and hills. The multi-functional pastoral management machine has excellent product quality, which creates a considerable amount for users Its economic benefits have been well received by users and locals.

Micro tractor/orchard tractor/small garden tractor combines optimized and strengthened rear three-point suspension to meet the needs of users to upgrade heavier agricultural tools. It can easily lift heavy agricultural tools such as compound agricultural tools and 4-row planters to improve work efficiency. Luxurious seats, water cup holders, and adjustable steering wheels meet the individual needs of users. Side shift mechanism and suspended pedals improve comfort and reduce work intensity. The endurance of the sealed front axle is strengthened, which improves the overall performance of the tractor.

Micro tractor/orchard tractor/small garden tractor is suitable for all kinds of mountains, hills, plains, dry fields, large sheds, orchards, and narrow ground operations, saving worry. Suitable for all kinds of soil: frozen soil, hard soil, clay, black soil, mountain, and soft soil can be used. Micro tractor/orchard tractor/small garden tractor can realize the operation of different terrains and soil qualities such as orchards, small plots of land, greenhouses, tea gardens, hills, mountains, etc., which are inaccessible to large machinery. Different accessories installed on Micro tractor/orchard tractor/small garden tractor can be used for separate rotary tillage, backfilling, separate ditching, fertilization, or mixing and matching. The product is durable, superior in performance, and easy to operate.

Micro tractor/orchard tractor/small garden tractor adopts crawler drive design, with strong stability and climbing ability. It is suitable for various terrains in hills, mountains, and plains. The model is small and powerful. It is suitable for fruit trees with various row spacings, greenhouses, and gardens. There are several functions as follows: 1 front bulldozing, 2 separate trenching, 3 separate backfilling, 4 rotary tillage function, 5 wedding function. All functions are full hydraulic lifting. One machine can easily manage 200 acres of orchard and can complete the orchard’s farm work all year round. It is the choice of professional orchard planting cooperatives and fruit tree planting users.

Structural characteristics of small garden tractor

1. Designed specifically for paddy fields, the front, and rear bridges have good muddy water resistance;
2. Lightweight design, good anti-sagging performance;
3. Shuttle-type gear shifting, forward and backward operation is more convenient, and field operation is more flexible;
4. The turning radius of the whole machine is small, which shortens the operation time, reduces fuel consumption, and makes the operation more efficient;
5. The ground clearance can reach up to 455mm, with a super-strong bridge crossing performance, which is more suitable for operation in the paddy field;
6. Three-emission self-priming engine, energy-saving, and environmental protection, low fuel consumption, torque reserve of more than 30%, more powerful power, and low failure.

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