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Structure and composition of the tractor with multi-function peanut harvester


Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester adopts a brand-new structure, powered by a tractor, with a reasonable structure design, and cleverly integrates the vibrating soil loosening shovel and the vibrating conveying and separating mechanism. This equipment can complete the digging, clearing, and laying of garlic and peanuts, and other crops at one time. The transmission system drives the seedling grabber, soil conveyor belt, and seedling harvesting belt to rotate to realize automatic harvesting of peanuts, which can save farmers from heavy physical labor. It has been liberated from China and has the characteristics of high efficiency, wide application, and strong adaptability, which greatly improves labor productivity.

Structure and composition of a tractor with multi-function peanut harvester

Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester is composed of frame, transmission system, flat plow, seedling grabber, soil conveyor belt, sieve, harvesting belt, and peanut conveyor net. The whole frame is supported by two tires, a transmission system, a flat plow, The seedling grabber, soil conveyor belt, sieve, seedling harvesting belt, and peanut transmission net are all fixed on the frame. The flat plow is fixed under the front of the frame. After the flat plow is the seedling grabber. The middle of the frame is the soil conveyor belt. There is a sieve at the rear of the rack, the seedling harvesting belt is located above the soil conveyor belt, and the peanut conveying net is behind the seedling harvesting belt. Among them, the rice grabber is a drum type with multiple rows of grab teeth. The soil conveyor belt is a chain type with multiple rows of teeth. The seedling harvesting belt is equipped with seedling harvesting teeth. The peanut transmission net is a parallel steel mesh. The transmission system includes a gearbox, a power output shaft, multiple sets of sprockets, and chains. The sprockets at both ends of the power output shaft are connected to the sprocket on the rice grab shaft, the soil conveyor shaft, and the rice harvesting belt shaft through the chain.

Working principle of the tractor with multi-function peanut harvester

Tractor with multi-function peanut harvester The rear middle part of the frame is equipped with working pulleys. At the front of the frame, a vibrating eccentric wheel is installed and hinged with the middle part of the upright rod type swing arm. The eccentric wheel hinge is connected to one end of the rod type link, and the other end is hinged to the upper end of the swingarm. The lower end of the arm is hingedly connected with the main blade beam of the ripper. When working, the belt pulley drives the eccentric wheel to rotate, and the main knife beam of the ripper connected with the lower end of the swing arm is driven by the connecting rod and the swing arm to make approximately forward and backward movement. The gearbox drives the drive wheels to rotate, making the unit move forward. During the work process, the vibrating Songtuyi cuts into the roots of underground crops such as potatoes shovels the roots of the crops, and shatters the soil above. Under the action of the unit advancement and the reciprocating movement of Songyi’s poles, the crop and soil Preliminary separation, and transport the crop and the remaining soil that has not been separated to the following separation screen. While the separation screen transports the crop and residue back or to both sides, the soil is further separated and cleaned. An eccentric vibrating wheel is installed under the separation screen, which makes the separation screen chain vibrate up and down during the running process, thereby improving the separation effect of crops and soil, and finally, harvested crops are neatly laid on the rear or one side.

Advantages of tractor with multi-function peanut harvester

1. The sand and soil separation mechanism of the tractor with a multi-function peanut harvester is set behind the pendulum screen conveying device, which can separate the peanuts in the sand and stones, and the separated peanuts enter the screening mechanism together with the stones and sand for screening. The fruit drop rate is low.

2. The two rollers in the harvesting mechanism rotate relative to each other, and the protrusions on the surface of the rollers can remove the peanuts cleanly. The peanuts after the removal enter the screening mechanism for screening immediately, with a low damage rate and high picking rate.

3. The setting of stone screening mechanism, sand screening mechanism, and winnowing mechanism. Peanuts can be selected from rocks and sand after two screenings. The winnowing mechanism sucks out fruit vines and peanut leaves mixed with peanuts for harvesting. The peanuts afterward have a lower impurity rate.

Since a tractor with a multi-function peanut harvester can remove peanuts cleanly at one time, and separate rocks, sand, etc., it has a low fruit drop rate, low breakage rate, high picking rate, and low impurity rate, so it has relatively high use. Value and promotion value.

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